The Evolution of Social Networks and Online Advertising
The AdGate system combines the most successful elements of a social network site with the vast opportunities of Internet marketing. Advertisers spend billions of dollars every year searching for a better way to reach potential customers. This money never funnel to the people who actually views these TV commercials, print ads, banners, search sponsored links, etc. Mega search engines and advertising agencies continue to reap huge benefits without paying anything back to the advertising consumer.

AdGateWorld changes this forever.

The AdGateWorld is a social advertising community that provides each member with a cost-effective marketing method, and the opportunity to share individually in the financial success of the community overall.
" A social advertising portal with a revolutionary business opportunity."

Unlike standard Internet advertising, the AdGateWorld Ad Viewer is a unique viewing portal that showcases ONE website/ad at a time. Members can use the Ad Viewer to watch advertisements randomly, or select by region and category of interest.

We feel this form of advertising is most successful because the ads are 1) Large – almost full screen 2) long lasting- Featured for a full 25 seconds, 3) displayed alone - not competing for a viewer's attention. Since your message is “placed on a pedestal” There is no sensory overload of the consumer, leading to higher understanding and response.

AdGateWorld members are under no pressure to sell anything to their friends, neighbors, family or anyone else. However, if they wish, community members can choose to participate as an AdGate Ambassador. This program offers a highly lucrative two-tier referral system to reward those who share AdGateWorld with new members.

Historically 97% of all distributors in standard direct sales and multi-level marketing plans fail. AdGate’s concept can get you off the home-based business merry- go- round forever.

"Our Product is Simply. . . . . Advertising."

The break through AdGateWorld revenue sharing model is designed to build the success of every member. The ability to provide a consumable product (advertising) that requires no manufacturing costs or expensive shipping allows us to share over 50% of revenues with our members. Daily corporate revenue sharing through AdGateWorld's Rebate Program is the most lucrative payout structure we’ve ever encountered.

"50% of daily advertising revenues generated are distributed back to our members."

Members purchase Ad Packs using our private currency, AdGate Cash. Ad Packs have two roles.

1. They act as a measuring-stick to determine the amount of each day’s rebate money the member is entitled to receive.
2. They give you Ad Credits, which represent the number of ads you are entitled to displayed to other community members in the AdGate Viewer. Each Ad Pack gives one Ad Credit.

If you do not have a website it is simple and free to get one by becoming an affiliate, choosing from hundreds of different product vendors within minutes. Every day, community members who wish to, view 25 ads for 25 seconds each. This qualifies them for daily revenue rebates that are placed into their AdGate Cash balance. AdGate Cash can be transferred out of the community through our network of currency exchangers, or used to purchase more Ad Packs, for more ad views and higher advertising rebates.

Every qualified member receives the same rebate percentage for the day. This percentage is multiplied by the value of his active Ad Packs, to determine his advertising rebate for the day. Each Ad Pack will remain active until rebates total 125%. Over time, the amazing result can be a complete refund of each member's advertising budget PLUS a 25% reward for watching other advertisements in the AdGate Viewer. This is in addition to any daily commissions earned through the AdGate Ambassador two-tier referral network!

AdGateWorld gives each of us a chance to take part in the greatest social advertising opportunity ever offered. We expect the AdGateWorld member/advertiser base to continue growing rapidly. New revenue streams and member benefits will be added regularly through the AdGate Partner Alliance program. The community will also expand by offering auctions, raffles and discounted travel and other services in the near future.

"Step through the AdGate!" and into success!


In celebration of our launch, AdGateWorld is treating our members to two MAJOR promotions at once!

1) All members receive a FREE upgrade premium "AdGate Ambassador" status for our first 90 days. This gives each member the potential to get paid for introducing AdGate to the world on our very simple and generous two-tiered commission plan!

2) For the first 30 days, ALL Ad Pack purchases will include a 50% bonus, PLUS an equal bonus for their buyer’s referrer! This amounts to a major “sale” on advertising, giving you even greater cost-effectiveness and potential daily rebates. This will also offset any small fees for converting outside currency into AdGate Cash. (A list of available exchangers can be found on our "InTouch" page.)