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Welcome to Revenue Investment!

InvestmentHello everyone, firstly I would like to welcome everyone to the financial freedom that I believe is going to be created with Revenue investment network. I always believed that money management is hard, but I was wrong until I gained some experience on Real investments and saw how money makes money. I’m going to use all my experience in offline investments and try to maximize the profits in the long run. The one thing what I can promise is that Revenue Investment network is a company built for success and I assure you that it’s independent of new cash flow in the system. Let’s make our future years comfortable to live so that we are not questioned by anyone financially!!

The ventures I’m in offline makes it possible for me to extend the ROI to such extent. Stable income month after month will be the forte of this program and this rule will imply on me throughout this program. Together with 5 years of my online experience, I promise to take this program to the next level of autosurfing business where it has never been and I expect a good support from people all over!

I will be honest and transparent throughout the lifetime of this program as I believe in “Honesty is the best policy” concept and expect that from members as well along with a good support!

Thank you everyone!

Administrator — Revenue-investment.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Revenue-Investment?

Revenue-investment network is a unique advertising opportunity, through which members can list their own sites in the rotator for everyone to see. For this, we pay our members their share for using us!

2. Can I have more than 1 account in Revenue-investment network?

No, as per rules you are supposed to have only one account per individual. But, your family members can join in provided they are not referred by you and must have a separate e-currency account as well.

3. Is there any Referral commission that is being offered in RI network?

Yes, we offer a 3% referral commission on all deposits directly referred by you. All you have to do is become an active member and you are ready to earn commissions. You can withdraw your Referral commissions on a daily basis.

4. What are the payment methods that are accepted in RI network?

Currently, we are accepting Libertyreserve and Solidtrustpay as our e-currencies. We will be adding other e-currencies when the time arises or if the situation demands.

5. Is there any membership fee to join Revenue-investment network?

The membership fee depends on the category as below.

* Standard member: 5-500$ (Can add up to 3 sites in the rotator)
* High class member: 501-1500$(Can add up to 5 sites in the rotator)
* Super class member: 1500-3500$(Can add up to 7 sites in the rotator)

6. Do you charge any processor fees while depositing or during the withdrawal time?

Yes, we charge 1% fees while you make any external deposit via Libertyreserve or Solidtrustpay to cover up the processor fees. Apart from that, no fee is charged.

7. Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

The idea was to set "No minimum withdrawl" but due to Solidtrustpay conditions that "You can pay not less than 1$", the minimim withdrawl is now set to 1$.

8. When I become active, how many sites do I need to surf to earn my daily rebates?

You need to surf a minimum of 10 pages in a day, which is set to 15 seconds timer.

9. What are the daily rebates that I will earn and what is the tenure of an upgrade package?

When you surf a minimum of 10 pages, you earn 6% per day and the tenure of the upgrade package would last for 22 days, which makes a total of 132% rebate. Members can earn upto 6% per day based on their deposits only. Standard and High class members may earn 5.8% and 5.9% respectively per day.

10. What is your take on members spamming?

We are very strict with spamming. If we receive a report that one of our members are spamming then we will conduct a thorough investigation and if found guilty, we are going to freeze the account together with his/her entire fund. There are a lot of ways to get downlines without spamming, so it is an unacceptable practice that we will take very seriously.

11. How much is one upgrade package? And what is the minimum and maximum a you can buy?

The minimum upgrade package is 5$ and the maximum is 3500$ in total. Therefore it can be said that 1 upgrade package is worth 5$.

12. I am having issues with surfing? It always gives me an error.

I suggest that you use our recommended browser, the latest Mozilla Firefox. If not possible, please upgrade your browser to the most current version. We have links at the bottom of this page to all the current browsers that this program accepts and has no issues with.

13. Can the admin change rules of the program?

Yes, the admin can. It is in the admin's best interest that his program runs for a very long time so changes have to made every once in a while to keep up with the times. It could be as simple as changing and adding to this FAQs or it could be major such as changing the rates of the program. But it will be done with sufficient time for the membership base to adjust.

14) How secure is Revenue-Investment?

Revenue-Investment has good security features and takes security as a topmost priority. We’ll also be doing upgrades of our system from time to time as and when needed to raise the security bar of our system.

15. When can I cashout my earnings from my upgrade package?

You can withdraw your earnings 2 times per month. That is you can cashout your earnings 2 times during the tenure of your upgrade package or 2 times a month, if at all you continue with the upgrade package on 23rd day and so on.

16. Is there any refund policy that is possible inside RInetwork?

Sorry, All transactions are final and there is no refund policy in Revenue-Investment.

17. The cashing out of earnings from both Libertyreserve and Solidtrustpay are twice per month?

Yes, you can withdraw 2 times i.e. 1 cashout for Libertyreserve and 1 for Solidtrustpay in case you have upgrades in both processors running.

18. How can I request the referral commission earnings when I can cashout only 2 times for earnings?

You may cashout using a separate cashout button just below the earnings button and that is specially created for Referral earners.

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Welcome to Revenue-Investment.com

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