I am not the admin of the program.

Friends-AutoSurf is closing

Dear members,

It's very hard for me, but I must announce you that Friends-AutoSurf will close his gates very soon.

There is no need to be worried about your money because everyone who upgraded and is not in profit will be refunded. I will make a refund page soon and you will have access to it.

The reason I close the program?

The main reason is the lack of members interest and participation. It's also true that I made some mistakes in the beginning giving away free upgrades and also allow compounding. Also the advertising was not as it was supposed to be.

Let's take a look at the membership base... after 1 year there are only about 500 members (about 100-150 inactives) and only 81 upgraded members. From those 81 about 15 are upgraded only because they compounded their earnings from the sign-up bonus and never put any dollar in this program.

I looked in the accounts and only about 25 members are qualified for refunds, the rest of them are inactive/in profit or they only compounded.

Right after I send this email I will check every account and will publish the refund list in a few days. After that I will see how much money there are available in every processor and start the refund process for qualified members. I also have some investments so some of you will receive the money earlier that others but I intend to finish everything before the end of the month.

I learned from my mistakes and I will not go away from the auto-surf business, in a fact 12 days ago I opened DoublerSurf.
I hope I proved all of you that I am a serious person and I don't want people to loose money in my programs so you are welcome to join me at DoublerSurf. There are no sign-up bonuses, no compounding option, no referral comissions... only 2% for 100 days and a minimum $5 instant payment at request.

Friends-AutoSurf admin,

For more information, visit

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