Reddawnsurf -

If you are looking for one of those sites that promise an unrealistic return in an unrealistic time frame, that closes just when you are expecting to realize a return on your Ad purchase then this site is not for you.

I have designed this site for a long life. This is not a hit and run site. I have invested a few thousand dollars of my own personal money in order to offer a system that provides a profitable opportunity for any one interested in advertising their business.

My challenge is proving to you that this isn't just words but facts. I believe that building confidence is good. In order for Red Dawn Surf to do this requires two things. First is a business model that is based on longevity. As you will see I am not going to promise unrealistic returns but daily returns that will allow this site to endure. Second is a client base that understands this model and helps in its growth.

Some of our features are:

* 2% for 65 days earning 130%
* Surfing 12 sites a day
* Interest credited daily, upgrade daily with earnings potential over 200%
* 6% referral commission
* Earnings are credited every calendar day, including holidays and weekends.
* Earnings are available for cash out request immediately after surfing
* You get paid (both for referral commissions and program earnings) only to the payment processor you upgraded with.
* Daily earnings rolled in as new ad purchases can realize over 200% in this same 65 days.

How far do you want to go?

I have been involved with several programs that never held up to their end of the deal. I have realized the only way to correct this was to design one myself since the Admins never listen. This is my first time actually running a program and beside what I have mentioned as what sets this site apart but also an Admin that is very interested in your ideas on how to make this site even better.

That is right not only am I looking for those great ideas I will provide credits to your ad account if I use them. One thing though, I can only credit the first one that comes up with that great idea. If you are second you will miss out. Just remember this is not an investment business but an advertising business where you as clients will realize the profits of this business.

Lets make this the best web ad site ever. I look forward to hearing from you.