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GoldenSurfs Features

Welcome and thank you for visiting GoldenSurfs.com, a site dedicated to allowing it's members the opportunity to earn realistic profits over a long term plan. You may join and become a member for free to view advertisements and earn credits to advertise. You may also become an upgraded member. Free members are able to generate free credits to have their websites shown to other members to help increase their sales. Upgraded memberships also get their advertisements shown to members but they also earn money for each day they surf in the exchange. Paid members get paid for the days they surf. GoldenSurfs is specifically designed for You to maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. Based on our experience and supporting tools, we have developed accurate methods on trading gold, and stocks. Our goal is helping you make money online.

GoldenSurfs.com will be the fastest, easiest and most safe way to make money on Internet. Our members have the unique ability to advertise their sites to people who are interested in their products and businesses. Not only do they have the ability to advertise their sites or products, but they also have the opportunity to receive an amount of commissions from their daily advertising viewings. We have decided to create something completely innovative and powerful in order to offer our members better advertising results and a new meaning to the "Paid Daily" industry. You may advertise any website, product or service you want to promote as long as it abides by our terms of service.

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We accept


Liberty Reserve Solid Trust Pay AlertPay

Bank Wire:

Bank Wire

* Earn 17.5% Daily
* For 8 days ONLY
* 6% Referral commission (upgraded members)
* 1% Referral commission (free members)
* Each unit costs $3 (3300 units maximum)
* Cashout within 24 hours ONLY
* Only 10 pages to surf (25 pages maximum)
* Earnings guaranteed
* 24/7 Support services
* Open forums to learn about GoldenSurfs
* 20 Free credits for joining
* 14 Seconds timer for viewing sites
* Up to 2 sites to advertise
* Free accounts will be suspended after 14 days if don't upgrade
* Free members can not cashout


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Get more money by paying a membership fee
simply using your e-currency account.
Also you may use your bank account to pay for membership fee on GoldenSurfs LLC. system.

Other payment processors will be available in the near future.

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GoldenSurfs - Make money online using your CreditCard - AlertPay, Liberty Reserve & STPay Accepted

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