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Welcome to TrafficAlmighty

The best place to drive insane traffic to your website and earn a handsome compensation for being active.

Traffic Almighty is a program that delivers quality traffic to your website for free or purchase. Free members (Sunday Drivers) may surf a maximum of 50 sites daily and get 0.5 AdView Points for each site surfed. Alternatively you may choose to be an active member (Street R****s) by purchasing AdClusters and get Adview Points in return. Those who are active and contribute to our site will get compensation in return. More information about the compensation is provided in the Explanation section on the menu to the right.

What makes us difference from all the other programs out there is that we have a program with a plan. Traffic Almighty is the first stepping stone in a network of sites built to sustain each other and provide a backbone to one another. We have exciting plans that you will certainly enjoy!

We will have various contests going on with nice prizes for the winners so stay tuned to the contests page.

We are hosted on a protected server with optimal security. You will find our customer support to be very impressive and we fulfill all our promises. We are sure you will enjoy your experience with us and will tell your friends.

Notice About Spam

Have you been spammed by someone? Traffic Almighty is strictly against any spam sent. If you have been spammed then please send in a support ticket giving the link on the spam email and a copy of the whole email including the email address it was recieved from. This account will be immediately terminated and will be reported to anti-spam agencies. We strictly DO NOT tolerate spam.

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