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Thread: Hacker Alert

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    Angry Hacker Alert

    This guy has hacked two surf programs today. The admin of one has sent this out. You might like to alert your surfing program about this crook.

    hello members

    We just recieved a email from a member on the site referring to a site called maximum surf where he upgraded with stormpay and got the same email pay addy "[email protected]" and he knew that wassent that sites payin addy.He has since contacted them about this also.Now we need you the members to spread the word around about this pay addy to all autosurf admins.Tell them to check there upgrade codes fast as theses codes are basicly set and forget and no admin keeps a watch on them regular.Also they will need to lock down there admin section using cpanel password protect directories to protect there admin section from this hacker as it seems he has a back door.
    Now dont disreguard this email as being a sham or anything else we need to catch this guy and stop him before he ruins the industry and we all go down in flames.Anywhere you got money invested please contact them and have them make sure there codes are as they should be.Now paypal will proscute them if they can as they told me so on the phone and i know the paypal addy went to a spanish page at paypal they know it also.We all need to help each other out in this and as we dont know alot of the surf sites and you all do please help spread the word once we get the egold id we will also post it as we were so upset and were in such a hurry to change the codes back we forgot to copy and paste it in notepad but we are confident a member will send it to us.

    thanks for your support and assitance to stop this hacker


    Let's Get Him....
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