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Earn US$6,000 a month. SurfAtom -
The Hottest and the Best AutoSurf
Money Making Program on the Internet

How Does SurfAtom Work?
SurfAtom is a 15-day program and is geared towards serious surfers. SurfAtom pays you to view advertiser's websites. In order to earn, you have to participate as a paid member. Minimum membership participation is US$10.00 and the maximum is USD6,000.00.

How do I earn minimum USD6,000 a month?

There are 2 way you can earn:

Earning 1 - Your personal earning
You will be paid 10% daily x 15 days on your membership fee by surfing 10 websites a day. At the end of 15 days, your account expires and you will be paid 150% of your membership fee. You will continue earning for as long as you continue participating and the cycle goes on.

For Example:
Your membership participation level is US$1,000, you surfed 10 sites everyday for 15 days, you will be paid US$1,500. This amount US$1,500 will automatically be paid to your payment processor, example: Liberty Reserve, Alertpay , Strictpay or AlterGold Account. This example shows that you have earned for yourself US$500 in just 15 days. Average out in a month (30 days) you would have earned US$500 x 2 = US$1,000. To earn US$6,000 a month, all you have to do is participate at its maximum level US$6,000.

You will earn more than USD6,000 a month

Earning 2 - Referral Commission
If you refer someone, you will be paid 10% commission of membership fee of your referral. You will be paid every time he upgrades his account. Your referral's downline does not concern you, therefore you will not be paid.

For Example
Your referral participating membership level is US$1,000. You will be paid 10% commission US$100. You will be paid 10% again and again each time he upgrades his account. Average out in a month (30 days) you will earning US$200 based on his US$1,000. You will be earning commission US$1,200 a month if his membership is US$6,000.

Free Member Plan
- 10% Daily for 15 Days
- 3% Ref. Commission
- Surf up to 10 sites daily
- May add 1 site to rotation
- Surf for credits only

Upgraded Member Plan
- 10% Daily for 15 Days
- 10% Ref. Commission
- 50 free credits for joining
- Surf up to 10 sites daily
- Add up to 5 sites in rotation

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