I am not the admin of the program.

We come to show, what surfs can be honesty and profitable. Our plans may be looks like small but more You can't wait. Everything is possible: errors in script, DDS attack, decreasing of the percents. But we can to pass all problems and stay in liders. Be evil - Be strong! This is the Worse Damn Surf!

plans :

"Start Up"

Advertise 1 site
5$-50$ aviable upgrade purchase
10% * 11 days = 110%
Payout at expire


Advertise 2 sites
15$-100$ aviable upgrade purchase
10% * 12 days = 120%
Payout at expire

"Fast Profit"

Advertise 3 sites
25$-200$ aviable upgrade purchase
10% * 13 days = 130%
Payout at expire

Referal comission is 5% on all plans
Referal comission pays in 12 hours after referal upgrade

For more information, visit

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.