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Welcome to Quad Hits!

QuadHits.com is a free to use Innovative Quad Traffic Exchange as know as QuadAutoSurf. The site is designed for anybody who wants a Steady Heavy flow of hits to their sites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you participate!!!

What is a QuadAutoSurf? Simple, we have designed an Innovative Surf Window, that display 4 Website Per rotation. Thus improving productivity 200% and giving are Users More Hits!

By using our traffic exchange, your traffic rankings will dramatically improve. This will help increase your chances of others finding your website on search engines - giving you more visitors, sign up's and sales.

It's that simple! Start receiving visitors to your site, referral link, business opportunity or whatever.

Your Website must respect theses Terms & Conditions

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Sign up for your FREE account today, and get 1000 Credits FREE! (Minimum 1000 Credits Surf, Before Bonus is added).
Once you have Created your Free account,
you can upgrade to Pro account,
and get an Extra 25000 Bonus Credits!
+ Full 4:4 Ratio!!
+ Higher BonusSurf Ratio!
- Up to 6:4!
+ Monthly Bonus!!!
+ Random Bonus!!!
+ Added Features!!!!
Monthly Membership 5.47 Euro
What's New at Quad Hits:

* Every Week-end, Surf Ratios Are Raised!
* Starting Friday @ 12:00PM Until Sunday @ 911:59 PM.
* Ratios Up to 6 Credits / Rotation!

* Already reached Over 500 Active Members!
* Delivering over 400000 Views Daily!
* Continue Referring Friends to get Extra Credits,
* 10% Each time they Surf + Monthly New Referrals Bonus!!!

# Signup Bonus 5000 Credits
# Min Surf 1000
# 2:4 Ratio
# 18 Seconds timer
# Add 5 URLs Max
# Cost: FREE


# Signup Bonus 5000 credits (Once)
# Monthly Bonus Credits
# 4:4 Ratio
# 18 Seconds timer
# Cost 5.47 Euro per month


# 25.000 Visitors: 5.97 Euro!
# 100.000 Visitors: 19.97 Euro!
# + Much Much MORE!

For more information, visit
:: QUADHits.com ::

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