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Welcome To 12dailyforever.com

Trust is the easiest thing in the world to loose, and the hardest thing in the world to get back. Trust is always earned, never given. My name is Richard Lenor, from South Africa, admin manager of 12dailyforever.com.

Over the last 6years, I have watched auto-surf industries closely and I have seen many programs rise and fall e.g. 2daily.com, 4daily.com, these auto surf sites where one of the most biggest auto surf site that ever existed in the surf industry, but today where are they? I have been a very active member on autosurf forums and a good investor in the auto-surf industry also, due to the present state on the industry my partner (Mrs Ester Wilson) and I have decided to run one after much study and good concept put together by us. We decided to run 12dailyforever.com and the concept for this site has never been used before which I know of. 12dailyforever.com is here to put back trust into the auto-surf and advertising industry.

12dailyforever.com pays 12% daily for 12 days. Let me explain this to you. Your maximum ad package expiration is 12days, now letís do the calculation. 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12%+ 12% = 144% in 12 days this means after 12 days, you will earn 144% of the value of your upgrade.

12dailyforever.com is not Multi Level Marketing, MATRIX, MGM, Money Cycler, Doubler, or even Money Game. We are not here to run a Scam, together we will make a tremendous change in autosurf as the purpose is for people to be able to reach out to potential customer through surf traffic.

12% daily for 12 days
Expire after: 12days
Upgrade is 6$
6% referral commission
add up to 5 sites to rotate
12 seconds timer


Join for Free
200 free credits for joining
Surf up to 20 sites daily
May add 1 site to rotation
Surf for credits only
Free Members can not earn
Free Members can not cash out

Paying 12%x12days= 144%
(Must Surf Daily to earn)
Surf 12 sites daily to earn in the surf plan
6% referral commission
May add 5 sites to rotation
Upgrade cost $6 per ad pack
Minimum purchase is $6
Maximum purchase is $12.000

We Accept Liberty Reserve, AlterGold, STP, StrictPay & Alertpay

Join and upgrade today with TRUST and CONFIDENCE.

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