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Here at RobotSurf.Info you get paid 12% Daily For 12 Days for surfing 12 sites a day. We offer a low 12 second timer. We are financial experts at investing in the forex market. No need to worry about your funds because we will invest them to pull in more profits, and these profits will be used to pay out the members of RobotSurf.Info.


Ad Pack Units are offered at a low cost. Each Ad Pack Unit costs only $6. With this $6 unit you can earn a total return of 144%. That is $8.64 that will be returned to you within 12 days of successfully surfing 12 sites. Feel free to explore RobotSurf.Info and test out the rewarding profits that can be earned at this site. All withdrawals are processed instantly.


Referral Commissions are currently set at 12%. That means for each of your referrals who upgrade you will get at least $0.72 to the payment processor of your choice. Withdrawals are at a No Minimum and all members are rewarded with 1000 Free Credits to start off with the advertising campaign of their sites.

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.