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Welcome To Department of Advertisement

Department of Advertisment is not an investment opportunity program. Department of Advertisement is an advertising program.
To Earn Simply..View Some Ads, Get Paid...That's It! So if you feel by viewing 15 websites for 10 Seconds, or spending just a few minutes viewing ads to Make an Income... Join Today!!

Our Main Plans Are:


8% daily for 13 days
$1 minimum upgrade
Advertise 2 sites
0.8 credits per page viewed
10 credits per $1 upgrade
1% referral commissions
View 20 sites to earn. Maximum 30
Cashout daily.

10% daily for 11 days
$5 minimum upgrade
Advertise 3 sites
1 credit per page viewed
20 credits per $1 upgrade
2% referral commissions
View 15 sites to earn. Maximum 50
Cashout daily.


13% daily for 9 days
$10 minimum upgrade
Advertise 5 sites
2 credits per page viewed
30 credits per $1 upgrade
3% referral commissions
View 10 sites to earn. Maximum 100
Cashout after upgrade expires.

10% daily for 15 days
$20 minimum upgrade
Advertise 10 sites
3 credits per page viewed
40 credits per $1 upgrade
5% referral commissions
View 5 sites to earn. Maximum 200
Cashout after upgrade expires.

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Department of Advertisments

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