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Welcome to MummySurf.com
A progressive and profit generating company.

MummySurf wants to help you maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. We give our members an opportunity to earn real money online by viewing other members and our advertisers websites.

To earn HUGE you can promote our website and earn extra commission of your referral upgrades.

MummySurf.com is a private group of money creator. We are simple! but Power!. Our mission is to provide our investors with a great opportunity for advertising with profit of their funds also. We are not an instant site. We are not a high percentage site. Quite simply, we are a sustainable long term advertising site which will indeed be around for a very long time.

Membership Plans:

Free Account:

* Free membership for 15 days
* 150 free credits for joining
* Surf up to 15 sites daily
* Surf ratio 1:1
* 1 free site to advertise
* 4% referral commission
* Upgrade To Family Account with
just $10.00/Ad Pack

Upgraded Account:

* 9% daily for 15 days on Ad Packs
* 9% referral commission
* 4 free sites to advertise
* Upgrade cost $10 per unit
* $10,000.00 Maximum Upgrade
* 15 sites to surf a day
* Surf ratio 1:1 / 15 sites
* Fast Payouts in 48hrs.

For more information, visit
MummySurf.com : The best and modern methods for your advertising!

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