I just want to know what happened

I just am not quite right about what happened, everything was going fine, so suddently I started to lose everything. I just forgot it was something that I did, but when I looked to the Commentary, I saw something that I never see. It was horrible, it looks like some hacked my own broker. It is so bad.

Dec 5, 2018 - No Rating
SCAME::;;;;;; SCAME!!!!!!!! Unblieveable!!!!!!!!!!
12/6/18 Around 23:30 I had more than 70 open tradesss (nagatives and positivo’s). My marging level was around 270 %.
My Balance was €2070.
I tryed to deposit money from Neteller just in case and iT was not possible. IT says that “ please choose a save location or they later”. I tryed so manny times and got the same ryplyyyy.
In just 5 minut all of my orders were excuteet. Whyyy?????
IT was a schokking for mee!!
I asked via live chat and someone Saïd that I have send an e-mail to [email protected]. Hè dont know whyyyy
>>> IT is not the first time that its happeninggg. IM speechless!!!
FBS trying to do BUSSINESS in Asain countries.
Well this is their real face!!!!