this manual surfing program is growing nicely with a unique & creative concept in the market. I'm happy to benefactor a few people $1 each into this program limited to 5 people this time.

1,Upgrade with $1 or more and after you do this I will refund you $1. to your e-gold account Clix Surf only accepts eGold
2,honest and regular ROL CLUB memebers with at least 50 posts
3,you should not be something like a lazy surfer
4,has the intention to participate in the program actively
5, when you sign up under me and upgrade with $1 or more, i will send $1 egold to you, if you meet the above requirements

Once you upgrade, post in this thread so members know when the 5 is filled.

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Multiple upgrade accounts possible (no limit)
10% referral commission
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NO daily quota (you can take a vacation anytime you want and not to lose even a single cent)
Upgrades can be as low as $1.00 with no maximum

Earn as much as you want per day
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If interested Click on neild1971 then goto Homepage