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Lightning Fast Clicks!
Pay To Surf
150% earn back on $0.50 Investment

Lightning fast clicks is an Online Pay To Surf, established by a team of specialists with huge working experience in the online investment market, trading activities and investments in various funds. We offer you the unique possibility of investing money in our project and make all our operations bear as little risk as possible by using basic money management principles.

We invite you to invest without any of the restrictions you would face in case you invest on your own. Funds you entrust us with become the part of our investment capital which is managed by our skilled professionals and stable income. Customer service and your satisfaction are also our fundamental strengths. The bottom line is you must be happy with not only your return on investment, but with how we handle you as a person. Lightning fast clicks has built a reputation as being a leader in this all-important aspect - every investor is valuable and attended to, no matter how much or how little money you choose to invest.

So How Does Lightning fast clicks Work?
You Invest and you get 10% Return each Day Back on your Investment just by Surfing 20 Sites Each Day. So you Invest $0.50 you get $0.05 in your account and Surf 20 Site each Day. Now after 15 days is up you receive 150% that is $0.75 in your account.

Yes 20 Surf Site each day and receive 150% after 15 Days.

Now do you have a REFERRAL PROGRAM? Yes we do and i am sorry we have 1 Level REFERRAL PROGRAM. Now what do i get on each Active REFERRAL? Well to make it real nice you will receive $1.00 for each Active REFERRAL. Now those inactive will not get that $1.00 they have to be Active REFERRALS.

Referral Contest ::. Until We Reach 3,000 Active Members!
1st Place: 20.00 to your AlertPay account
2nd Place: 10.00 to your AlertPay account
3rd Place: 5.00 to your AlertPay account
4th Place: 2.00 to you AlertPay account

Good luck to you!

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