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What does one look for in a Traffic Program?

There are a LOT of Traffic Programs available to you today. It would be impossible for you to surf them all every day, so you need to pick only a few that offer you the most benefits for your time. We offer you daily, weekly & monthly surfing contests! You get rewarded with an increasing surf ratio for both the day you are surfing & the next day! You get FREE rotating banner impressions & text impressions which will show up on the surfing frame as long as you are an active member with credits available! These are just a few of the many benefits of being a free member!

Free Membership

200 Free Credits After Surfing 50 Sites

Advertise 5 Sites, 5 Banners, And 5 Hotlinks

2:1 Surf Ratio (2 Views = 1 Credit)

12 Second Timer

2 Referral Levels

75 Credits Referral Credits

Gold Membership (only $3.00 for a Lifetime Membership)

350 monthly credits

Advertise 15 Sites, 15 Banners, and 15 Hotlinks

1:1 Surf Ratio (one credit per page visited)

9 Second Timer

System Assigned Referrals

5 Referral Levels

150 Referral Credits

Lifetime Platinum Membership (only $6.00 one time payment)

750 Monthly Credits

Advertise 25 Sites, 25 Banners, And 25 Hotlinks

2:3 Surf Ratio

7 Second Timer

System Assigned Referrals

10 Referral Levels

250 Referral Credits

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.