Dear Investors,

I'm writing this thread to informyou all that I have been a victim of oneof the most sophisticated, serious, brutal, unacceptable and highly frustratingand excruciating l SCAM this HYIP's industry has ever witnessed in the history of SCAM

To go straight to the point, I'vebeen a serious victim of Fraud/Scam by

But before I get into the detailsand most importantly the explanation and to accurately put it, theDEMONSTRATION of what clearly took place, allow me please to start thismessage by reminding you of whatyou already know :the HYIP industry is adangerous place where HYIPs’ admins areready and eager in the majority of cases to steal our investments at all cost.

Just in the last month, I was avictim of a series of scams, this one being the most pronounced one.

We’ve got to be extremely carefulbefore we invest in any HYIP programs.

Even the PAYING status is highlymisleading.

Dollars Pocket has altogether 39PAYING statuses however, he is SuperScammer!

In the next line, my task willnot consist of telling a story by simply using words, as words are cheap, butrather I'll endeavor to explain, analyze and lastly but not least toDEMONSTRATE in a clear, precise and in the most accurate fashion theEVIDENCES that ultimately lead to the undeniable conclusion that I was aserious victim of SCAM by

Please also read the thread entitled: Dollars PocketEvidences Of Scam as it carries the investments I made in the programs bothexternally and internally.

Here is how the story goes and likeI stated above, both explanation, combined with logical analysis andfinally DEMONSTRATION will follow to give to the story its full, complete significance and clear understanding.

On October 9, 2013, I invested$600.00 in in what was called: The Best Plan".

To recall the details or the structure of the best plan,it was designed as follows:

First, there was a restriction or alimitation as to how many times an investor could reinvest in that specificplan. The maximum number of time was: TWICE.

Second, due to the outrageous highreturns of the best plan, a message from the administration was sent out toinform all members about the termination date of the best plan which was set tobe in effect or end on October 11, 2013.

Third, the interest rates offered bythe best plan reflected as follows::

1. $500 -$1000.00.......................................... ......200% daily interest
2. $1001 -$5000.00.......................................... .....400% daily interest

There might have been moresub- categories, but I don't remember the rest of sub-categories as Ididn't invest in those ones. Anyway for the sake of this story, the rest ofsub-categories are irrelevant.

Here is how my investment went andfor each deposit made both external transactions originating from PaymentProcessors such as Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay that I used for my initial deposit,and internal deposit made from Dollars Pocket, I'll post in a thread a record of the transactions orbatch numbers or IDs number that was assigned to the transaction to make thetransaction transparent or legitimate in another thread entitled:
Dollars Pocket’s Admin Evidences Of SCAM.

I have not included those copies inthis thread as it would have been too large but
I’ll open another thread where allthe copies of transactions would be listed and the thread would be entitled:Dollars Pocket’s Admin Evidences OfScam!

Below is the description of myinvestment itinerary:

1. October 9, 2013 - Deposit Made:$600.00 with a daily interest of 200% as stated above. Return would then beafter 1 day: $1200.00

I did receive a deposit transactionfrom Dollars Pocket along with its ID number again to make the depositlegitimate and transparent.
I'll post the said Deposit on thethread entitled: Dollars Pocket’s Admin Evidences Of Scam

2. On October 10, 2013, I received aDeposit Completion from Dollars Pocket with the expected earnings of $1200.00as promised by the investment on the Best Plan.
So far, so good....

3. On October 10, 2013, afterchecking my account, indeed the deposit had been correctly transferred into it.

I quickly proceeded to reinvest forthe 2nd and last time on the Best Plan for 2 reasons:

1. I was only allowed to reinvestTWICE on that specific plan.

2. The plan as announced a week orso earlier by the administration was to be terminated the next day which wasOctober 11, 2013.

As I reinvested the whole amount, Idid reinvest again on October 10, 2013 the amount of $1200.00 which as statedon the Best Plan was to bring a return of 400% after 1 day, which translatedinto a dollar amount would yield $4800.00

Again, I did receive a Deposit Confirmation ID number of $1200.00 fromDollars Pocket to make the deposit legitimate and transparent.
I'll post the said deposit confirmation and its ID number.on the threadentitled: Dollars Pocket’s Admin Evidences Of Scam.

4. On October 11, 2013, around 11:00pm by the end of the day, I received a Deposit Completion from DollarsPocket. with an ID number as an evidence of transparency and legitimateDeposit.
However, I was greatly astonishedand negatively surprised that the expected and promised return of 400% after 1day wasn't reflected on the Deposit Completion rather its percentage rate hasdecreased from 400% after 1 day to 300% after 1 day, which consequentlytranslated in dollars amount yielded $3600.00 instead of the expected andpromised amount of $4800.00

However, after checking my accountat Dollars Pocket, despite the disappointment, I quickly decided to pass on itand ignore the decrease in percentage rate that I had been subjected to.
I'll post the Deposit completion that reflectsrather the amount of $3600.00 instead of $4800.00 as originally scheduled onthe other thread I’ve mentioned above.

5. At this point we were on October12, 2013. After checking my account at Dollars Pocket, and noticing that I hada balance of $3600.00, I decided to do 2 things
1. First, withdraw $2400.00
2. Reinvest all the rest of $1200.00

And as I looked at the plan I wasabout to invest into, I noticed that on that plan the minimum amountwas set at $1000.00 which was a clear indication to me that the Best Plan hadindeed ended because the minimum amount on the original best plan was $500.00as I indicated above.

Again, to me based on theannouncement done a week earlier that informed us on the termination's date ofthe best plan which sub-categories I have invested into TWICE, coupled with thefact that the plan I was now investing into had a different structure with theminimum amount being $1000.00 instead of $500.00, to me the best plan wasindeed terminated as I was faced with an entire different plan.

Additionally the current datewe were on being already on October 12, 2013, this fact came only toconfirm that the Best Plan as announced the previous week was really terminated. I had all facts at handand I proceeded to reinvest $1200.00 on a plan whose minimum of investment wasset at $1000.00

So, to recapitulate 2 things hadtaken place at that moment in time'
1. I've requested a withdrawal of$2400.00
2. I reinvested for the 3rd time tobe précised the amount of $1200.00 whose plan was promising a return of400% after 1 day.

Based on the stated rate of return,I was hoping and expecting a yield in dollars amount of $4800.00
I'll post the Deposit confirmation ID of the amount of $1200.00 madeon October 12,2013 after termination of the Best Plan.

6. Now here comes the height of thestory:

Let's recall that I'm in theexpectation mode of 2 things:

1. Receiving a Deposit processed ofthe withdrawal request of $2400.00
2. I'm expecting a yield in dollarsamount of $4800.00 based on the investment I've made some hours ago.

When around 6:45 am on October 12,2013, I received an email from Dollars Pocket informing me of mywithdrawal request of the amount of $2400.00 which has been successfullyprocessed, I immediately noticed in a matter of second 2 thingsthat grasped my attention.

Again, please pay attention VERYCAREFULLY as this point is the SUMMIT of the story and the emergenceof Fraud/SCAM.

Again, my attention wascaptured by 2 IMPORTANT elements that justify Fraud/Scam:

I noticed that on the transaction:

1. My PM account number had slightlychanged but please bear in mind also that even a minute change in any orderwill have a negative impact on the whole number as the correct number remainssolely correct when it embodies its wholeness.

In other words, any changes asslight as it can be changes the entire correctness of the account.

Put differently, the account is eithercorrect or incorrect and there is no in between.

The account number in itseffectiveness is exactly like a password or a phone number. Any slight orminute change affects the whole.

To go straight ahead to the point,my Perfect Money account was changed from its previous correctness which is thefollowing: U4738012 to U4138012.
Again, my correct account number is:U4738012 not U4138012

Now, again here is the HEIGHT orSUMMIT of the FRAUD/SCAM.

Please, I kindly invite you toobserve CAREEFULLY the 2 accounts.

On the first appearance, if one isinattentive, he/she will not notice the slight or minute change but however,careful and patient and attentive observation will indicate that the 7 afterthe 4 has been changed into a 1 which comes after the 4.
Being used to my account because mybrain has recorded it, I noticed the difference INSTANTLY!

Again, that's the HEIGHT of theFRAUD/SCAM
Why has the account number beenchanged by ?


It is a clear and simple formof fraud and scam to justify that the amount of $2400.00 was transferredto the "indicated" account at the time ofregistration. Please carefully note how indicated is being written with signsat the beginning of the word and at its end. Why?

Because the account has simply beensubjected to modification to pretend that the amount of $2400.00 was divertedto another account when I report the problem to them that I haven't receivedany money. They would say, I made an error at the time of registration andentered instead the account as: U4138012.

Sophisticated SCAM in its brilliantform.

Logically, it can't be an error ofmy part at the time of registration as I have over 10 accounts with differentprograms with the same account number. I always make sure myinformation is accurate.

It might be worth mentioning thatone of my predominant attributes is careful attention to details and high levelof accuracy. Maybe this message you are reading might serve as a strongtestimony. I'm known to be highly précised and rigorous.

No error whatsoever could have beenmade because of my high level of precision and attention to details.

It is simply and clearly FRAUD/SCAM.

But, for the time being, let's putaside point 1 for now while keeping in mind that we'll come back to that pointin a minute, as like I've mentioned earlier, as I received the emailinforming me of the successful withdrawal processed my attention was capturedby 2 things
We've spoken about the first one sofar.

Here comes the 2nd thing whichcarries 2 important elements:

1. It embodies theHEIGHT/SUMMIT of the FRAUD/SCAM as well.

2. It serves as a light byexplaining that point 1 which is the change of my account number isan orchestration of Dollars Pocket rather than an error of my part.

To move straight to the 2nd pointthat captivated my attention, the transaction of that successful withdrawalprocess unlike any other transaction of the same nature and characteristics,didn't carry any batch number which is a CLEAR and LOUD indication that thetransaction is FAKE and non legitimate.

I have received countlesstransactions from HYIPs and all with no exceptions whatsoever carried a batchnumber to authenticate the transaction. The only exception was the transactionoriginating from

Consequently, we are correct toconclude and deduct that the transaction NEVER took place and the FAKEtransaction that fails to carry a batch number serves as light toexplain that Dollars Pocket has changed my account to avoid paying meor he simply can afford paying investors at that rate and if he hadpaid using the correct account the transaction would have generated a all other transactions that I received from other merchants.

It is purely and simply a scam inits best form. This logical explanation can’t possibly be wrong. Dollars Pocket’sadmin is a LIAR and a SUPER SCAMMER.

Money was NEVER sent neither to thecorrect nor to the wrong account because if money was even transferredsuccessfully into the incorrect or FAKE account which again is: U4138072, thesuccessful transfer of the funds would have provided a batch number as anEVIDENCE of the money being transferred.

Such batch number doesn'texist anywhere. Conclusion No Money was sent to even the incorrect account. Itis all FAKE! It is all SCAM! It is all LIE!

The program initially is designedand structured to SCAM investors.

Consequently, using logicalthinking, and not simply empty words as what is logical remains truedespite the lie, fraud and scam, logic is exempt of mistakes and lies, becauseit follows a straight line of reasoning that doesn't compromise the truth.

I'll post all the FAKEsuccessful withdrawal process sent by Dollars Pocket which again is notassociated with a batch number as a legitimate transaction. Any one with alogical thinking would understand that the transaction which fails to carry abatch number is simply and clearly FAKE: an orchestration of Dollars Pocket’sadmin.
No debate whatsoever about it. It isALL CLEAR!

All the above facts clearly implythat I've been SCAMMED by

Additionally, the outrageousinterest rates that go up to 1000% after 1 day, are anotherdirect EVIDENCE that is a SCAMMER as I strongly believe that hecan't generate in any trading activities returns that would allow him topay the kinds of astronomical interest rates that he promises to investorsin his investment plan.

If he can afford paying 200%, 400%,1000% after 1 day, logically he'll not need to collect money from investors.This implies then that he his investment plan is designed and structured forSCAM..

And as a SCAMMER, he needs todevelop tactics and strategies to effectively succeed in stealing people'smoney by changing investors’ accountsnumbers.

Consequently, we are correct toconclude that , at the very least his plan called: The Best Plan isdesigned and structured to scam investors. To achieve his criminal goals, heneeds to put in place a mechanism such as changing investors'account in order to create the impression that the transaction has beendiverted to an incorrect account whereas in reality no transaction wasn’t evermade..

And still, that wasn't al…...

Like I stated earlier, I was in anexpectation mode of 2 things:

1. My pending withdrawal processthat came as a FAKE transaction. It was in vain that I checked the correctaccount to only find out that nothing was deposited in there.

2. The 2nd thing that I wasexpecting was the completion of my deposit of $1200.00 that I've made some 12hours ago and which was to yield an interest rate of 400% after 1 daywhich translated into dollars amount would generate the amount of $4800.00.

An hour later after receiving theFAKE successful withdrawal transaction,
I received another email from www.dollarspocket.cominforming me that my deposit of $1200.00 has been put on hold because I haveinvested more that
TWICE on the Best Plan and that if Iwould like to release my deposit of $1200.00, I have to pay a non refundablefee of $500.00 within the next 48 hours and if after 48 hours the nonrefundable fee of $500.00 is not paid, 24 hours after that period of time myaccount would be suspended.
I'll post a copy of that email onthe other thread to demonstrate the manipulation and tactics used by DollarsPocket to avoid paying me.

In fact, it was another occasion forthem to collect another $500.00 from me. Fortunately, I had already understoodthe fraudulent activities that was goingon.

Here again is a Fraud because Ididn't invest in the Best Plan 3 times as the best plan was terminated when Iwas investing for the 3rd time. Here again is a manipulation from toprevent me from earning what his plan promises. He had to find a reason not topay me which he invented by saying that I have invested more than TWICE on theBest Plan whereas the Best Plan was already terminated.

Again, I was scammed on the$4800.00.

When I wrote to them explaining thatI was a victim of fraudulent activities and scam, I received an email fromDollars Pocket an hour later informing me that my account wassuspended, that meant blocked.

To conclude, I have lost every CentI invested in
I invested $600.00whose payment transactions I’ve posted on another thread entitled :
Dollars Pocket Evidences of Scam !

Dollars Pocket's admin is a SUPERSCAMMER and as such I highly warn you never to attempt investing into thatprogram.

The program will soon closed down asI’ve filed a complaint against him to the FBI, the Internet Police and 16 otherinternational organizations that fight against Fraud /Scam all over the world
He is now wanted by the FBIand The Internet Police. It is just a matter of days until his program is shutdown and he himself arrested and put in jail exactly as ithappened in the case of Liberty Reserve’s admin
Again, I strongly advise you to stayaway from that CRIMINAL!