Hi There,
I wanted to withdraw my money for the first time with Wish Profits where I invested in all the plans and I got a message that read
:"Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit"
"Sorry, We have not enough funds to pay bigger investors now.
I can only pay you 2% every day and please only withdraw 2% of the money in your balance.
If you are lucky, you will be able to get back all your principal. But your account will be deleted if I found any bad votes or posts from you on monitors or HYIP forums "

This is word for word the message that was sent to me!

The threat didn't stop me from acting against the scammer's behavior. I went straight ahead and reported Wish Profits in all the HYIPS monitors he was listed with. They were a total of approximately 20 of them.

A couple of hours later Wish Profits status began to change from paying into PROBLEM and SCAM.
When some HYIPS monitors contacted him giving him my login information I had given them for verification, Wish Profits blocked my account and I start receiving emails from HYIPs admins that they could not access my account, that I needed to check again my login details.
It is at that time that I understood that Wish Profits's admin had changed my password to avoid further investigation leading to his status change.
Since the HYIPs admins could no longer access my account to see the evidence by themselves, another alternative was to provide them with my deposits evidence from Perfect Money to prove that I had actually invested in Wish Profits. And I had just invested 3 days ago in all the plans, the longest one in duration being 45 days.

I made a screenshot of all the payments to Wish Profits which include batch numbers, date and times of the different deposits. I had altogether 7 deposits.

I emailed the screenshot to all HYIPs monitors where Wish Profits' status had not yet changed into PROBLEM or SCAM.
I'm awaiting to see their action in the next hours and days.
With Goldpoll Wish Profits' status has not yet changed but I'm expecting it to change pretty soon.
I want to warn investors to avoid being victims of Wish Profits manipulations.
It is a BIG SCAM! Don't attempt to invest there. All your money will go down the drain like mine.
I prefer loosing my money than being threatened or manipulated or being coward.

Be Alert! Caution!