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NGS(NextGenSurf) is an Advertising Exchange. We provide advertising for any product, program, opportunity or website that you have. We provide high quality and real traffic thru many advertising outlets that are available on our site. Our viewers want to see your offers. As an added Bonus you can use our Ad-Viewer and view the ads of other advertisers and earn a daily percentage based on the total amount of Ad-Packs that you currently have active. NGS is ran by an exprienced Admin who has been involved in this industry(Paid-to-Surf) for several years. We have been thru all the ups and downs of this industry. The number one thing we have learned is that high percentage programs simply can not survive! We offer a very realistic rate of return, bonuses, and other new and innovative ideas that other programs don't offer.

NextGenSurf brings to you a NEW and IMPROVED version of the short term high percentage Paid-to-Surf Plans that have failed so many times in the past. So, what makes our Plan different than the rest? Well, we are taking the 50/50 Rule and reversing it. We call it the Reverse 50/50 Rule!It simply works like this. When your Ad-Pack expires we pay you half to your payment processor and cycle the other half into a new Ad-Pack purchase. This cycle repeats for 3 times for Ad-Pack purchases less than $67. Ad-Pack purchases $67 and over will cycle until your payout is less than $50.

Our plan is a 8x18 Plan(8% for 18 Days). In a typical 8x18 Plan a $20 Ad-Pack would give you a rebate of $28.80. In our 8x18 Plan the same $20 Ad-Pack will give you a rebate of $39.70.

Hihger Ad-Pack purchases earn you even more since they will cycle more. Once you have enough Ad-Packs in the system you will start to create a steady stream of income very easily.

Let's look at the benefits of joining NextGenSurf:

Upgrade your membership within 14 days and enjoy more features.

Ad-Packs start at $20 and go up to a maximum of $1000.

Earn 8% daily rebates for surfing premium sites plus auto-surf 10 other members sites.

Ad-Packs last for 18 days.

Each $1 spent on Ad-Pack purchases gives you 100 credits to advertise your sites.

You can miss surf days, Ad-Packs stay active until you surf your 18 days.

No need to request cashouts. Once an Ad-Pack expires it automatically goes to pending status.

How do we generate the ROA(return on advertising) for our program?
Here are our main sources of income: *Advertising on Site, *Profits from outside Computer Business(sales and service), *Ebay Auctions(collectables, computer parts, and anything else we can buy in bulk and sell for profit), *Craigslist (collectables, computer parts, and anything else we can buy in bulk and sell for profit), *Money generated from other programs like ours(we will only put funds in established sites with realistic ROIs), *Outside investments(real estate,businesses, etc.), *A few other Income Streams we're looking into as well.

For more information, visit
NextGenSurf.com : Welcome to NextGenSurf.com!

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