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"Committed to providing your small to medium business a viable method of advertising on the Internet"

Our focus is entirely devoted to creating a way for local businesses to get their website in front of a host of viewers everyday. We provide our advertisers with "Targeted and Localized" viewers.... viewers on the Internet who live within a set number of miles from the advertisers place of business.
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Membership Benefits:
-Free Members- (Option 1)
You can signup as a free member and advertise your website for free! That's right...... Free Advertising! Simply view other website ads within our system and earn viewing credits to increase your traffic. Less than 10 minutes a day you can get more website traffic and better exposure.
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-Advertising Member- (option 2)
Sign up for membership and receive all the great benefits. You get targeted and localized campaigns, coupon system, and driving directions at the touch of a button. Earn commissions with the Ad Sales Daily referral program and enjoy maximum exposure for your website ad campaigns.
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Advertising Client: (option 3)
Here is a great way to bring traffic to your web site. Ad Sales Daily offers a dynamic way to generate traffic to your business without blowing your budget. Ad Sales Daily Advertising Clients can create Targeted, Localized ad campaigns quick and easy. This can be accomplished by using point of purchase coupon specials and mapping directions.
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Membership Benefits Introduction

Looking to increase the daily flow of traffic to your website(s)? Are you searching for a simple solution that can promote your business? Ad Sales Daily unique advertising opportunity is the answer you are looking for.
If you want more targeted traffic and increased business potential, than you have come to the right place! Get your website(s) and business opportunities in front of thousands of potential customers each and every day. Join NOW....It's FREE!!!! View other members websites and earn additional exposure for your own ads. Ad Sales Daily is a fast, reliable, and easy method for generating thousands of free hits to your website! You can produce Major Traffic Results with this proven method. Traffic is the Key to Your Success!

In addition, Ad Sales Daily presents an unique opportunity for making money, to increase traffic and earn commissions! At Ad Sales Daily, you can increase your website(s) traffic and earn commissions while you are viewing other website ads. For a complete understanding of Free/Paying members please read our Terms /Privacy Policy
It is easy to signup with ASD!
1. First you signup for your own Free Member Account!
2. Then... you login to Ad Sales Daily advertising system and "Look Around and Explore".
3. Setup your own web site link and assign them some Free Credits to generate traffic.
4. View Ads to Earn More Free Credits, to increase traffic to your web site.
5. Its that easy! New sites are usually approved within 24 hours.
6. See how Ad Sales Daily can work for you, advertising that increases quality traffic.
7. Once your site has been approved: then you will have the option to Enroll as a paying Advertising Member (AM)

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