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Welcome to RoyalSurfPro.
RoyalSurfPro is an online advertising network for individuals and businesses who wish to advertise and promote their website or business. Members can purchase Ad Packs to promote their site, which will be viewed by other members in rotation. At same time we expect you to do a lot of promotion by getting a lot of referrals and make your own day much's more fun getting the 5% in referral commission.

Upgraded Member
10% for 13 days = 130% After Expiry
9% for 15 days = 135% After Expiry (no surf)
5% for 30 days = 150% Daily Payout (no surf)
($2 minimum)
5% referral commission
Upgrade cost $6 per unit
Surf only 10 sites to earn
13 second timer. Surf ratio 1:1
3 free sites to advertise
Payouts within 24/48 hours
(up to 5 business days)

Free Member
Surf ratio 1:0.5
13 second timer
1 free site to advertise
Surf up to 15 sites daily
2% referral commission
minimum upgrade required to cashout

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