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    Default Solid-Income -

    I am not the Admin.

    Solid Income

    The average investor spends much of his time searching for the right investment. From beginning the search for good investments to the decision-making time, it can be a very long time, sometimes even the years. But the most disappointing things about investment are unjustified expectations. No one will give back lost money on bad investments, or the most important thing – your health.

    Forget about the past! Since you are on our site, the past will not be a problem for you. Today you have everything in front of you better than you could have ever dreamed. You don`t need to waste precious time any longer. We at Solid Income keep your best interests in mind.

    Solid Income and first-rate hedge funds together have developed a number of innovative products able to satisfy any investor`s needs. Solid Income founders are always considered to be its main body. The fund founders are traders and risk-managers of once-popular Long-Term Capital Management L.P. (LTCM). They made great efforts to give everyone an opportunity to earn money in spite of crisis occurrences in economy. Volatile markets of the latest years were a major hindrance in profit earning for investors. Few people had announced that most of the famous trust funds actually earn nothing for their depositors in the long-term period. “This is a volatile market” they say. Forget about these words. Everything is in the past.

    What are the Solid Income products? We have well-structured financial tools of world major hedge funds. The best futures and optional strategies come with our simple products. You do not need make guesses where the price should go this time, what Bernanke says or what the unemployment or oil reserves will be this time, or look into hundreds of useless indicators, etc.

    We offer you a stable income in exchange for liquidity. Today`s market has a lack of liquidity. Investors know this. Although we have a high-tech Research Department that develops products under the direction of our financial founders, we can not show a high profit without involved funds. However, in reward your loyalty of investing to our fund, we give a very high income to everyone who believes in us.

    We hope that we did not take a lot of your time. Have a good time and No time like the present! as Horace says.

    Investment Plans:

    Plan One
    Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
    A $10 - $1,000 3.00
    B $1,000 - $50,000 4.00

    Plan Two
    Plan Spent Amount ($) Weekly Profit (%)
    A $10 - $200 32.00
    B $200 - $50,000 36.00

    Plan Three
    Plan Spent Amount ($) Bi Weekly Profit (%)
    A $10 - $50 85.00
    B $50 - $50,000 98.00

    Accepts: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney

    6% ref. commission


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