Fair Surf

Your fair effort pays you a fair surfing rebate, no excuses! Total roi = 300%, so profit (less the cashout fee) is 195%

# You may test our site as a free member for 10 days.
# You will earn credits each day you surf.
# You may add 1 site to advertise as a free member.
# Receive 1 credit for each site viewed.
# 15 Second timer.
# You will receive 100 credits when you sign up for an account.
# As a free member you will not earn any commissions on your referrals that upgrade.
# Free members can not cash out.
~~after upgrading...
# Receive 1 credit each time your referral link is shown.
# 15 Second timer
# 2 credit per page view
# 5 sites in rotation
# 150 bonus credits each month
# Will also earn 2% of their upgrade amount each day you surf 50 sites or more
# Earn 2% commission on each referral's upgrade amount
# Upgrade Costs $10
# Max amount of upgrade is $1000
# Cashout to e-Gold every 30 days (fee = 5%)

For more information, visit
fair-surf.com : Welcome to fair-surf.com!

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