Make Cash Fast While Its Still Legal

Everybody must have heard of this method by now. You must
have read the comments "Turn $5 into $15,000 in 30 Days"
and "I made 10,000 in 2 weeks". Nobody knows exactly how
much you are going to make, but so far I've never seen
anything negative about this method. At the moment its
100% legal, for how long nobody knows. You have two
choices, ignore this message or risk losing $5 or 2.70.
So many of people have made a fortune with this method.
All you need is a paypal account which is totally free and
$5. If you are already in one of these schemes, why not
get involved in another. If you're a first timer, why not
take the plunge and give it a go. The amount you are
being asked to invest could more than likely be found
down the back of your sofa...... This time next week you
could driving a new car, lying on an exotic beach or....
use your imagination!

"Amazing, absolutley amazing. I wasn't expecting much to come of this but
after 3 weeks my paypal account balance had grown by $8477." Bill D, NY

"At last a method that actually works. Over 4000 in just 2 weeks. Thank you
very much" K. Clegg Manchester, UK

"$2367 in my first week I can finally afford that holiday my family so damn
deserves" Blake CA

If you want to give this a shot just follow these simple instructions.

Step 1
Create a paypal account at if you don't already have one,
its FREE

Step 2
Send $5(2.70 UK) to each of the email addresses in the following list. In the
subject header put "Add me to your email list"

1 [email protected]
2 [email protected]
3 [email protected]
4 [email protected]
5. [email protected]

Step 3
Once you have sent the payments remove the email address from the top of the
list (1) and move each of the other addresses up one, this will leave the 5th
slot empty. This is where you place your email address you used to sign up with
paypal. Just don't place your email address at the top , you will make far
far less money doing this. The lower the better.

Step 4
Once you have edited this message to include your email address, try to post it
on at least a few hundred newsgroups or forums etc...

Step 5
Chill out and watch your paypal account rise.........:-)