Ever wanted your own cash shark?

Official Launch Was Yesterday! October 30th 2007

Launch Bonus!! The next 10 members to spend at least $50 will receive a bonus $10 share! (2 remaining!)

We are designed to bring you the quickest and most effective auto-surf results. Whether it be easy cash by upgrading your account our high-quality driven results, you have made the right choice!

What do we offer?

We offer 9% daily bonus of your account level everyday for surfing 20 pages, that's right only 20 pages! Your upgrades will not expire for 16 days.

What about offline investments?

As in our name we do legal loan sharking, meaning we give out loans charging the highest legal interest rates possible. These loans, with the right amount of elbow grease, have the power to make a fortune. We also do payday advance loans (which if your familiar with those, they make bank!).

This sounds great! Tell me more about this program.

Well there are many more ways to make money with us, such as promoting us for 10% referral commission. It is really easy to promote as well. We will provide you with a simple to use referral link, and just simply post it on your website, in forums, or in an instant message. You will earn 10% commission on whatever they spend!

How are payouts handled?

We process all payout requests within 24 hours. If we do not pay your payout request within 1 business day then we will refund your money and we will send 144% of what you paid!

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept e-Gold, PayPal, and AlertPay!

For more information, visit

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