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PayDayPrivate brings to you a NEW and IMPROVED version of the short term high percentage Paid-to-Surf Plans that have failed so many times in the past. No site can realistically offer high percentages for any long period of time. They all depend on new purchases and if the purchases stop or slow down, the site fails and everyone loses! Many sites forced a 50/50 Rule where you had to make a new purchase of at least 50% of what you wanted to cashout from the program. This did help some sites last a little longer, but ultimately they are still failed!
So, what makes our Plans different than the rest? Well, we are taking the 50/50 Rule and reversing it. We call it the Reverse 50/50 Rule! It simply works like this: When your Ad-Pack expires, we pay you 50% of your rebate and take the other 50% and put it into a new Ad-Pack purchase which earns a rebate again for another set period of time depending on which plan you purchased. This process repeats over and over again until you have a rebate of less than $50. By doing this, it gives us plenty of time to earn greater returns in our offline and online ventures.

Our first plan is our 12x12 Plan(12% for 12 Days). In a typical

12x12 Plan a $51 Ad-Pack would give you a rebate of $73.44. In our

12x12 Plan the same $51 Ad-Pack will give you a rebate of $102.24.

Our second plan is our 14x10 Plan(14% for 10 Days). In a typical 14x10 Plan a $51 Ad-Pack would give you a rebate of $71.40.

In our 14x10 Plan the same $51 Ad-Pack will give you a rebate of $95.90.Our 14x10 Plan will earn your rebates faster, but the 12x12 plan will give you higher rebates. Higer Ad-Pack purchases earn you even more since they will cycle more. Once you have enough Ad-Packs in the system you will start to create a steady stream of income very easily.PayDayPrivate is ran by the same Company that brought you NextGenSurf.com and PayDayClix.com. We have been in this Industry for a very long time and have a lot of experience in running online and offline businesses.
Let's look at the benefits of joining PayDayPrivate: # Upgrade your membership within 14 days and enjoy more features.
# Ad-Packs costs $1 per unit for up to a maximum of 5000 units. # Must purchase a Minimum Ad-Pack of 51 units for a total of $51.
# Maximum of 15 active Ad-Packs are allowed.
# Earn 12% or 14% daily rebates for surfing 15 other members sites.
# Ad-Packs last for 12 or 10 days.
# Auto Surf 15 sites daily for 15 secs each.
# You can miss surf days, Ad-Packs stay active until you surf your 12 or 10 days.
# No need to request cashouts. Once an Ad-Pack expires it automatically goes to pending status and is paid within 5-7 Business Days. We offer a variety of Payment Options.

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