In Pre-launch right now !!!...this program could be the fresh air that this industry really needs!

‘Adsplorer’ is an online advertising and marketing business. Our mission is to become the sole platform on the internet for all the Advertising, Marketing & Entertainment business.
‘Adsplorer’ platform will be accessible for all the people and businesses, small or big, beginner or professional, who seek to find a way more Effective and Cheaper to advertise their products and/or services to Maximize the Exposure and ACQUAINTANCE.
‘Adsplorer’ from a business point of view, generates revenue by providing advertisers the opportunity to deliver measurable, cost-effective online advertising. This makes the advertising useful to you as a professional. We believe you should know when someone has paid to put a message in front of you that it will get your attention. But giving the attention without a reward, we believe that won’t be effective enough for you and for the advertiser. That’s why we offer: ‘Get Paid For Watching Ads of Others.’ With this important TRUMP that we hold, we believe to differentiate from all the others. This is the most important key to attract and maintain the masses.
‘Adsplorer’ believes that the key of success strongly depends on transparency, good communication, ethical way of working and evolving and converting this Dynamic Business by Exploring beyond. With all of this we want to create an Enormous Momentum for our members and businesses.
‘Adsplorer’ strives to exceed the ‘customers' expectations by delivering quality traffic to their sites daily. Adsplorer offers extensive advertising options to their members such as Purchasing Ad Packs. Adsplorer is here to stay and will continue to build upon the members demand, trust and success. Adsplorer is developing exciting new products & incentives for the members to ease not only their Job,
but also to Maximize Their Potential!
‘Adsplorer’ is working towards the future of ONLINE advertising and has the vision and all the intention to become the Worlds biggest Advertising and Entertainment platform on the NET. Adsplorer thinks that the future of Advertising lies only on the internet. This Vast media, where the limits won’t be reached any soon, will continue to expand Enormously, now and in the upcoming years. And YOU as a beginner, professional, small or big will and can start BENEFITTING from it TODAY!

• 130% in 10 days
• 50 / 50 Rule on Ad Package Cash outs for the stability
• Manual Surf to maintain EFFICIENCY and BETTER EXPOSURE (20 sites required per day)
• Weekly payout of Progressive Referral Commissions
• Optional Fast Track Payout service
• Great Contests and Challenges to expand the community and reward You as a loyal member. Coming SOON!
• The latest in traffic exchange and advertisement on the internet.
• Along with advertising your own business we allow You to make an extra income by viewing ads of other advertisers.

Payment processors accepted: SolidTrustPay, AlertPay, E-bullion, E-gold

*Future Pay processors which will be added very soon(TBA):

• Uniclear
• Neteller
• Moneybookers
• Paypal
• Western Union
• Money gram
• Credit card service (Visa/Master Card/American Express)

*These new Pay Processors will be added in the form of a big exchange programme. To Be Announced as soon as we approach launch.

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