Welcome to 24 AdsDaily

in this period most of the paid to surf sites are popping up and

disappearing at the same speed. 24adsdailyf want to be different

and our aim is to stay on the market for a long time.

The concept of "advertising" is considered as important as the

concept of "earning" here.

At 24dsDaily we will increase the allowed upgrade levels each

month. The "slow increment" of allowed upgrades let You earn

constantly and permits You to create a large base of referrals

that, in the future, will considerably help You generate your

Financial Freedom. Furthermore we will be able to pay your

withdraws without any problem.

You will not earn a lot of credits by surfing at 24AdsDaily. this

is to encourage Advertisers to buy our packages; 50% of the

advertising revenues will be added to the 24AdsDaily Reserve Fund

to be distributed to members too.


# Upgraded advertising packages expire in 6 days..
# Receive 6% commission bonuses by referring others to 24 Ads

# $0.01 per upgrade advertising unit
# Maximum 200 advertising units available.
# Advertise up to 5 sites at a time.

# 0.25 Advertising credits for viewing advertised sites
# Receive a 1% commission bonus by referring others to 24 Ads

# View our clients advertising and earn credits.
# Advertise one site for all of our clients to view.
# Non-active accounts will be deleted 30 days after last activity.

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