JackSparrow Surf is a unique affiliate and advertising network. Members can purchase Ad Packs for their site. This advertising consists of another member viewing a full page of your website in our website rotator. Not only can members advertise their sites, but can also earn affiliate commissions for viewing other members websites!

New Advertising Revolution: Each member who login to their member area will first come to our Clients' Advertising page and they are required to click on the ad befo*****d. By doing this, your ad will get MAXIMUM exposure! Contact us now to place your ad order!!
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You may purchase AD-Packs/Upgrade with your account cash. Ad-Packs/Upgrade cost anywhere from $0.60 - $6000, depending on your advertising needs. Also as an advertiser you are given the unique opportunity to make money by viewing other members websites. Members pay us to have their website shown -- we pay you to view those websites.

Home Based Business Opportunity

Earn up to $7920 a day! After you purchase Ad-Packs for advertising, you automatically become an Ad-Pack viewer. Ad-Pack viewers earn money by viewing the websites of other members. We will match 12% of your total Ad-Pack purchases. For example if you have a $6000 ad-pack you could earn $720 a day for 11days = $7920.00 to view other members websites. You must view (Autosurf) at least 12 websites each day.
Earn 12% commissions on the Ad-Pack/Upgrade sales of anyone you refer to JackSparrow Surf

In summary:
Advertise up to 3 sites
Earn 12% for 11Days
Autosurf 12 sites
12 second timer
Minimum upgrade US$6.00
Maximum upgrade US$6000
12% Ref comission
Accept ONLY egold, Liberty reserve SOON

The Best Autosurf Advertising; Only from Captain Jack!!

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