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    Default readysurf -

    All Members Can Now Earn 10 Cents Cash By Surfing 200 Sites In a

    Day! Watch For Other Surfer Reward Bonus Pages In The Rotation


    For more information, visit

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    Thanks guys for inviting me here!! I am the admin of :)

    From the Site:
    Welcome to ReadySurf!

    We are ready to help you succeed in the world of online marketing! By using our manual surfing system you can receive thousands of hits to your website, which will be seen by potential prospects and customers for your online business or affiliate program. We have also implemented a revolutionary system that we call "Upgrade Limitation" to keep the system running smoothly and even to allow you to earn a profit off your purchases through our Rebate Program!

    Advertising Options:
    Manual Surfing Credits
    Banner Credits
    Paid to Click Ads
    Sponsor our Email Updates
    Dedicated Mass Email
    Contest Sponsorship
    Sponsor Weekly Conference

    All effective and reasonably priced!

    Rebate Program: (Alertpay only)
    4% Daily for 28 Days (112%)
    3% Daily for 40 Days (120%)
    2% Daily for 70 Days (140%)
    1.8% Daily for 90 Days (162%)

    Minimum: $20
    Maximum: $1000

    Upgrade Limitation: Currently set so that no more than 25 Advertising Units ($500) can be purchased by the entire membership as a whole per day. Since we are not a ponzi, this helps us manage the incoming funds better, and will not be raised anytime in the near future. How many other admins do you know that purposely limit their to such a small amount? We are here for the long run!

    Surfing: You must obtain at least 20 credits a day to earn rebates. This comes out to 25 sites, which will take less than 10 minutes of your time per day.

    Referrals: Upgraded Members earn a 1% Commission

    Random Referrals: We offer something no other site out there does! For just $5.00/month, you can purchase a Random Referral Subscription. Anyone that signs up unreferred will be randomly placed into the downline of a member that has the subscription. Members without an upgrade can get the referrals, but you need an upgrade to earn commissions. Once you get them, referrals are yours to earn from forever. Don't miss out on this!

    Contests/Promotions: Our main goal is to make surfing FUN. We want members to enjoy surfing over the minimum. The more you surf, the more valuable the advertising is, and in turn the more the site will grow. Therefore we will constantly be running different surf games and competitions or contests to achieve the "Fun Factor". We'll be starting these soon once there are enough sites in rotation, so be on the lookout!

    Weekly Conference: Each week, usually on Friday or Saturday, we will be having a chat-based conference in Skype. All members and non-members who want to participate can simply send me a message over skype asking to be added. We will discuss the site and plans for the following week, and then spend some time talking and getting to know each other. We will also have games and contests from which you can win prizes!!! Anyone who wishes to sponsor one of these can contact me for information. It's a great way to advertise your site. See you all there!

    Anyone who has questions or just wants to chat can contact me on Skype (ReadySurf Matt)

    To a Bright and Profitble Future,

    ReadySurf Admin

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    Matt.. One of my friends( Lanshire, good guy, but loves to talk) told me about your program and as good as it looks and all how can we be sure that you wont fail?.. However after 10 months and still going is a really good track i must admit. I was reading in a few other forums that you were gonna open up upgrades, Why did ya close them? Did you ever re-open them up? I have not talked to Lanshire in a while, We meet playing Red Faction, anyway i will see if i can talk to him and get him to tell me something, incase you dont get this message.

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