is a site of exchange of visitors and of promotion Internet, it gathers advertiser and surfer around the same system. Stable and with 99.9% of availability, this site is open since June 6, 2005.
Each member wanting to increase the traffic of a site or to earn daily fees by visiting other sites can be registered. There are 2 levels of possible use, “Member Surfer” and “Member Surfer VIP”.
Enter the best online Casino

Current rate : 1.90% x 60 Days (114%)
This rate is variable
The assured minimum is 1.78%

Member Surfer Member Surfer VIP

100 Credits on start 100 Credits on start
Up to 1 site for advertise Up to 10 sites for advertise
25 Monthly credit bonus 100 Monthly credit bonus
1% Referral commission 2% Referral commission
1 referral level 1 referral level
180 Days inactive setting 180 Days inactive setting
Minimum cashout $10 Minimum cashout $10
Surf 50 sites to earn Surf 50 sites to earn
Upgrade last for 60 days Upgrade last for 60 days
Earn 1.78% to 2.5% daily
Surf limit 250 Surf limit 250

For more safety the validation of the sites and all the financial transactions are made manuellement.
Currency exchange:
Egold to Paypal
Egold to Moneybooker
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