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This site is the Brother Site to Swift-hits.
If you do not recieve a Activation E-mail Then You can E-mail me with your e-mail address, and i will activate you.

have your banner shown here for a week. top spot

At fair-surf.com we believe first in honesty with our members.
When you surf you will earn credits that you can use to show your site to other members. You are not limited to advertising with the surf bar. You may also purchase banners to be shown in rotation on all pages, moving ads and even advertise in the ptc section using your credits.
Every 10 pages you will have to click to continue surfing, this is so members are assured that people are actually looking at your sites and not just walking away while the sites are being shown, which is also good for purchased advertising.


# We have different advertising packages that should fit most advertisers. We will be adding even more packages in the near future. A list of our advertising packages are: Site of the week Main Page Top banner Spot
# Site of the week Main Page Middle banner Spot
# Site of the week Main Page Bottom banner Spot
# Paid email to all members
# Upgraded members can also purchase default referral for a week. (Anyone signing up without a referral link will automaticly be put under you. We can not guarantee how many members you will receive, or if they will upgrade)


Members Benefits
As a member when you sign up you will automaticly receive 100 credits so you can test out our site and advertise your site at the same time. You can submit 1 site to be shown in the surf bar and to advertise in our rotation banners, ptc area, and our moving ads section. If your inactive for 30 days, your account will be deleted.

As a free member you will receive the following benefits.
# You may test our site for 10 days.
# You will earn credits each day you surf.
# If you choose not to upgrade your account in 10 days then your account will be deleted.
# You may add 1 site to advertise as a free member.
# Receive 1 credit for each site viewed.
# 15 Second timer.
# You will receive 100 credits when you sign up for an account.
# As a free member you will not earn any commissions on your referrals that upgrade.
# Free members can not cash out. Free members will see 50.00 as the amount to cash out. this is so people don't abuse the cash out button.
# Receive 1 credit each time your referral link is shown.

Upgraded members will receive same benefits as free members except for the following changes:

# Initial Credit bonus of 100 credits
# 15 Second timer
# 2 credit per page view
# 5 sites in rotation
# 150 bonus credits each month
# Will also earn 2% of their upgrade amount each day you surf!
# Upgrade Costs $10
# Max amount of upgrade is $2000
# Upgrade using Egold or alertpay or Solidtrustpay

For more information, visit

fair-surf.com : Welcome to fair-surf.com!

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