Do you want lots of high quality traffic to your website? ...AND earn real cash?

Do you want to share in the success of two of the web's most successful website traffic generators?

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ShalomCashPartners is a joint-venture between TechHouse, the operators of and RP Associates, the operators of It's designed for honest and serious networkers who run online businesses and who buy and sell services and products from and to like-minded networkers. has been running since February 2004. It is a fully automated website traffic generator using the most advanced automatic checking systems on the web. A 'view & earn' page exchange displays thousands of pages 24/7 and a banner rotation system enables Partners to promote their websites to a huge audience.

And one third of our income is paid back to Partners as they build their downline of active referrals.

How do I join?
There is a one-off sign-up fee of us$9.00 which entitles you to become a Partner. This ensures that all Partners are serious about online business and that we are all like-minded marketers. The sign-up fee is used to cover the costs of hosting (handled by TechHouse)and administration (handled by RP Associates). One third of the fee is used to fund bonus payments to Partners who build downlines of referrals.

When you join you also receive a BONUS of GOLD PARTNERSHIP for one week PLUS 1,000 CREDITS and 10,000 BANNER CREDITS!

What commitments will I have?
As a Partner you will required to use the service regularly. There are two ways of meeting this requirement.
1. Partners are expected to earn at least 2,400 credits each month. This means viewing an average of 100 sites per day which takes about 50 minutes. The credits earned are used for hits to your own site(s). You do not need to login every day to view sites you can spread your viewing over an entire month to suit yourself. Our experience shows that most Partners view far more than this minimum requirement.
2. When you are unable to earn 2,400 credits per month by viewing sites, or if you prefer not to, you are required to have made at least us$10 in payments. These can be for credits, banner credits, or SILVER or GOLD Partnership fees.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't earn 2,400 credits per month or don't make a payment of at least us$10 you can still continue as a Partner but you will not be able to earn cash.

One more thing....
We carefully screen all websites so that only high quality pages are displayed.
We also offer you the possibility of exposing multiple sites.
And all this is done 100% automatically!

So why click, click and click to receive hits, when you can use get Peace of Mind, the best traffic on the web, and you earn some CASH while doing it?

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