About David Murphy & FxAdShare
I'm David Murphy the admin of FxAdShare.this is a new advertising

& money earning system. if you search for a Free traffic resource

for your website ,you are in right place.you can join free and
put your website in rotation for free. you get 1 credit by

viewing other members website
Upgraded members receive 2 credits per website viewing. if you

upgrade your account
from Free to Paid , you will be able to earn money too.my system

pay you 2% daily ROI
for 100 days.as you know my system is young so to help it i inject

my personal income
into it I'm a FX trader for 4 years & have more knowledge about

How To Start How To Remove Money
Click on Create Account menu.register as a free member.add your

website to rotation.then start to surf and viewing other members

website.for visiting 1 website you get 1 credit and can spend it

for your website to show it to other members.if you want to earn

money and receive more hits credit you need to become an upgraded

member. After you earned at least $0.1, you can request

withdraw.you can make up to 1 withdraw request per day.for high

security purpose i process all requests manually so it may take up

to 48 hours to complete your request.you can only request withdraw

by same payment processor which you used for buying AdPackage.

How To Surf & Earn

How To Order Hits
if you want to earn money you need to upgrade.go to your member

account and click on Upgrade menu and upgrade your account using

Egold ,SolidTrustPay & Ebullion.due to unstable market of Egold i

have to set 10% deposit fee for Egold upgrade.after upgrading your

account, you should surf 15 websites per day to receive daily

ROI.if you forgot to surf you don't loss the ROI on that day.you

can continue surfing from next day.you must surf between 00:00 GMT

- 24:00 GMT. If you don't want to register and don't

want to surf you can order hits for your website by cash.the price

start from $10/5000 hits.all hits guaranteed and my system send

hits to your website untill your hits credit end.

For more information, visit

FxAdShare :: Superb Advertising System

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