Anonymous Bank Accounts Backed by Gold with Instant Account Opening!

Why Use Here are just a few good reasons:

* Anonymous Banking / NO ID REQUIRED
* Instant Account Opening - Business & Personal Accounts
* Shop Online with Anonymous Digital Cash
* Send & Receive Money Anonymously
* All Accounts are 100% BACKED BY GOLD
* Anonymous Money Transfer
* Earn 1.15% Monthly Interest on Savings Deposits
* Earn Even Higher Interest on Fixed-Term Investments
* Business Accounts for Merchants
* e-Currency Exchange & Conversion
* Affiliate Referral Program
* Payment Processing
* Buy/Sell Gold
* Affiliate Payout Solution safeguards your wealth from taxes, divorce, civil judgments and more. Protect your assets by using an anonymous numbered bank account. All accounts are 100% backed by physical gold bullion stored in vaults.

BETTER THAN PAYPAL or the former EPASSPORTE! is the best paypal alternative because we do not require identity verification documents, and accounts do not 'freeze up'. We never, under ANY cirumstances, freeze client funds. We offer faster and more flexible withdrawal options than any other online payment solution. And we pay high interest on deposits!

Withdrawal and Deposit options include:

* Wire Transfer (2-3 days)
* Cheque (2-3 days)
* Gold Bullion (2-4 days by overnight courier)
* Credit Card (Instant)
* Cash by Mail (2-3 days)
* Western Union (24hrs)
* Multiple e-Currencies including solidtrustpay, paxum, alertpay, cash-x, moneybookers, and more (Instant)

We offer lightning-fast withdrawal times, ranging from INSTANT (when withdrawing funds to an e-currency) to 72 hours (for wire transfers and delivery of physical gold bullion).

Our bank is becoming a leading e-commerce and digital currency solution and I'd like to give you this opportunity to explore our financial services and how they may benefit you.

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