Parents' garage is the launching point for this $8 million a year biz.

Lowell Kay is the founder and president of Hollywood’s
post-production and motion picture film servicing company, The DR Group. Since launching The DR Group in his parents’ garage over 12 years ago, the business has grown into one of the industry’s most important and respected resources for motion picture film, post-production services and digital video solutions.

Lowell Kay is a mover and a shaker. He is the President and Founder of The DR Group—Hollywood’s post-production and motion picture film servicing company. The empire is booming.

The business was launched in the garage of Lowell’s parents back in 1994 and has grown to be recognized as the complete solution provider for Final Cut Pro products and post technologies. The DR Group recently announced the completion of its move into a new 12,500 square foot facility located just outside of Culver City.

Lowell was a caterer in the Czech Republic (he was American, working abroad) when he and his father had an idea for a simple but revolutionary new company: buy the unused film left over from large studio productions and resell it at a high discount to smaller filmmakers, commercials, music videos and students.

Lowell came back to the US and began the process of buying the extra, unused film from studios and reselling it. The infamous film “Swingers” was shot with film provided by The DR Group.

The company excelled, and Lowell, in a bout of visionary foresight, came across a new editing software called Final Cut Pro (FCP). Lowell reasoned that the FCP product, being cheap and easy to use would take the market by storm. He was right and The DR Group outsold Apple on its own product that year.

The company grew and has branched out into editing system design and rentals, manufacturing, and facility design for major entertainment companies like Horse TV and advertising and film-trailer giant MOJO LLC. They also work with MTV, ABC, ESPN, The Grammys and filmmakers the world over.

The company currently pulls in revenue upwards of $8 million a year and expects to see a rise with their movement into larger offices (move to 12,500-sq-ft. facility took place in February) that allow them greater client capacity and other opportunities.

Lowell is the CEO of the company and its driving force. The original company, Dr. Rawstock, was founded in 1992 but the current incarnation that encompasses everything else that the company has taken on, The DR Group, was christened in 2003.

“Our new customized location merges technology and convenience for our clients into one amazing facility,” said Lowell Kay, President and Founder of The DR Group. “We feel that the technology upgrades combined with our years of expertise will establish this facility as a true service bureau destination for the post industry.”

The DR Group is also a market leader in facility planning, after-market manufacturing and the sale of raw film stock.
The new facility is located at 3640 Holdrege Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90016.


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