Car wash cleans up making $30 million a year.

ProntoWash is an international company offering franchise-based mobile car wash, detailing and paintless dent repairs. Based on a concept first created in Argentina in 2001, the company provides car wash, wax and detailing services from its locations at high-traffic malls. Customers like the convenience of shopping while their cars are taken care of.

ProntoWash USA entered the American market in 2002 and currently has 17 locations in Florida, California and Virginia. Its environmentally friendly methods provide franchisees an affordable franchise and the ability to operate in high-traffic locations.

ProntoWash franchisees can get involved at several levels: individual franchise; area development multi-franchise with a minimum of three locations; or master franchisee/development agent with a region or territory.

With its attractive signage and canopy over its outdoor locations in mall parking lots, ProntoWash’s space-age looking mobile pods attract attention. Its convenient services include hand car-washing and waxing, interior detailing and cleaning (vacuum, leather treatment, shampoo, among others) and exterior detailing.

In some locations, ProntoWash also offers customers paintless dent and ding repair. Its environmentally friendly approach provides a number of advantages over traditional car wash operations.

As of December 2005, ProntoWash has 17 locations in nine cities, including Boca Raton, Fla., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Jacksonville, Fla., Melbourne, Fla., Miami, Orlando, Fla., Tampa, Fla., Charlottesville, Va., San Diego, Ca., and Los Angeles, Ca.

The estimated total investment to buy and open a ProntoWash franchise at a mall location is approximately $75,000, which makes it an affordable option in the franchise arena. Costs include equipment, real estate negotiation services, build-out improvements, initial inventory, marketing materials and support, signage and working capital. Franchise fees range from $15,000 for corporate complexes and $25,000 for retail mall locations.
ProntoWash is servicing over 300,000 vehicles a month and generates over $30 million in annual Car Wash and Detailing Services.

For more information on the company, visit their website @ or contact the company headquarters in Miami:5481 N.W. 159th Street, Miami, FL 33014.
The phone is 305/623-7851 and the fax is 305/623-7857.

ProntoWash Partners with MedCar
to Offer Paintless Dent Repair Services
ProntoWash USA, an international franchise-based mobile car wash and detailing operation, announced today that it has partnered with MedCar to provide a training, certification and system implementation of paintless dent repair services at ProntoWash franchise locations.

Paintless dent repair will be offered to all new and existing ProntoWash franchisees as an added service for customers at its retail locations in mall parking lots. In turn, ProntoWash and MedCar franchisees offer a non-invasive and quick repair for its customers. The concept is to provide consumers with a high-quality, convenient and environmentally safe car wash and option to dent repair at one location while they shop at their local mall. In addition, consumers can get the following services: scratch removals, head lamp reconditioning and paint touch-up services. Through this partnership with MedCar, ProntoWash will be one of the first global companies to offer reconditioning service at its locations in the malls.

“Bringing paintless dent repair to ProntoWash franchises is a tremendous benefit to both franchisees and consumers because it provides them with a non-invasive, rapid solution for troublesome dents and scratches,” said Larry Kruguer, chief executive officer or ProntoWash. “In addition, MedCar’s founder, Michael Good Jr., has a top-notch reputation in this highly specialized service niche.”

MedCar was established in 2001 in Tampa, Fla., to provide training and certification to paintless dent repair technicians. Its technicians can remove door dings and dents in the body of the car from dime-size diameter to half-dollar-size diameter. Paintless dent repair is non-invasive and completed through a specialized process that can return the car to its original condition quickly with no paint or body work.

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