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Digital cameras are outselling traditional 35mm cameras because of versatility and computer compatibility. In 2005, over 20.5 million digital cameras were sold as opposed to 4.3 million film cameras.
The D-Flector Portable Photo Studio was invented by photography enthusiasts and Sharpics Co-Founders, Jeff and Danica Mazon. Sharpics, Inc. was created to develop products that improve the quality of digital photography, making it easy and affordable to get the best photography results possible.

This husband and wife team of entrepreneurs found it necessary to take better product photos, quicker and easier for work and home. Jeff used product photos in his job and Danica was an avid scrapbooker and participated in online auctions. Together with Danica’s father, a professional photographer, they came up with the D-Flector Studio.

“Now, everyone can “Do-it-Yourself” professional photos with a D-Flector Portable Photo Studio, Sharpics Monopod and digital camera with built-in flash,” explains Danica Mazon. “It’s fun to speak with customers. They are varied, including e-Bay power sellers, magazines such as “Oprah,” “Family Circle” and “Antique Weekly,” professional photographers and design studios. They are always amazed by the results and share them with us,” explains Danica.

“It’s a fun business and being able to provide such an appreciated solution to an ongoing problem is very rewarding. Right now, we see a lot of people buying them for home inventory. If anything happens such as a robbery or fire they are able to expedite insurance claims with digital photos and appraisals, especially with the amount of damage from natural disasters last year,” states Danica.

“I use it every time I have to photograph something for eBay and never want to be without it,” states Brad Schepp, co-author of the best selling book, “eBay PowerSeller Secrets,” published by McGraw Hill. Most photos taken using a D-Flector don’t need any editing. Images can be quickly e-mailed and downloaded to auction or web sites as well as being used in marketing and advertising materials.

This system saves time, money and frustration. No more wasted hours looking for white material, editing out distractive backgrounds or hesitating about selling items online because of the hassle of taking a photo. The D-Flector Portable Photo Studio: “What More could an eBay Power seller ask for?” wrote Popular Photography Magazine.

It is effortless to set up, convenient to carry, resembling a briefcase and easy to store. It can be used on any tabletop or desk. Open the D-Flector, put the object to be photographed on the reflective material, set up a digital camera on a monopod and check the settings.
Make sure to shoot the item at a 30-degree angle. Aim and take the picture. The state of the art reflective background and flash create a bright white background. Objects appear to be floating on air. Other white materials leave a grayish tone.

Product photography is providing new opportunities to all digital camera users. The possibilities are endless. It is now easy to take pictures of favorite heirlooms, or other items for scrapbooking, appraisals, interior decorating, online auctions, inventory, estate planning, e-commerce, publications or promotional materials.

The D-Flector Portable Photography Studio comes in four sizes ranging from the Mini (18”Wx28”) to the MEGA” (36”Wx46) and accommodates a full range of products including: coins, dolls, food products, stereo systems, and even small animals.

D-Flectors are priced from $89.99 to $199.99 excluding shipping and handling. Order now at Sharpics Product Photography Tabletop Studio Background, or (858) 780-0072. Orders are typically processed in 48 hours and standard delivery is 5 to 10 days within the continental USA.

Sharpics Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego, CA. Sharpics is dedicated to providing solutions for the digital photography industry.


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