David Weiss is the Chief Executive Officer for Dataprobe. The company is celebrating a banner year and looks forward to continued growth in the years ahead. The CEO credits an innovative product line and the spirit and diligence of his entire staff.

Dataprobe, a manufacturer of technology solutions for networking, systems and site management, recently announced record sales and revenue for 2005. David Weiss, CEO of Dataprobe, discusses the company’s unprecedented contract wins, partnerships and product sales.
In a nutshell, what does Dataprobe do?
Founded in 1969, Dataprobe is a New Jersey-based company that manufactures technology solutions for networking, systems and site management. We are a leader in the remote site management industry and currently serve more than 4,000 customers *********.

I understand that you achieved record sales and revenues in 2005. How did you do this?
We achieved tremendous success this year by securing major contract wins, increasing product sales and securing key partnerships with resellers, bringing the company from $5.2 million in revenue in 2004 to nearly $9 million in 2005.The year marked the most successful financial campaign in the company’s 36-year history, with sales revenues increasing by more than 70 percent over the previous year. Dataprobe also posted record sales for its flagship product, the iBoot, selling more than 6,000 units in 2005.
Did you also expand your product portfolio this year?
Yes, Dataprobe certainly expanded its product portfolio in 2005. This past year, we released five new or expanded products for remote management and networking needs. These products, along with the success of the iBoot, helped spur overall sales to record heights.

Can you describe some of your specific customer wins?
Dataprobe continued to service its longtime customers in 2005 through customized networking, systems and site management solutions, while also establishing new domestic and international customer relationships. In 2004, we were subcontracted by Harris Corporation to assist in overhauling the communications infrastructure for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The multi-phase project was originally structured as a three-year contract, but the work was accelerated and approached completion in 2005.

In addition to Harris Corporation and the FAA, major customers included ADT Security, US Navy, Sprint, MCI, Hewlett Packard, IBM, L-3 Communi-cations and Sun Microsystems. Dataprobe continued to expand its reseller network both domestically and internationally, while new and expanding technology partners also highlighted 2005. Dataprobe is now recognized as the leading provider of failover solutions for major call center solutions providers such as Interactive Intelligence, Vertical, Altegen and Alliance Systems.
How would you characterize this year for Dataprobe?
This was truly a banner year for the company from nearly every perspective. Each and every success is a testament to the spirit and diligence of our staff, from record sales to the development of new customer relationships to improvements in supply chain management and new product development. We’ve had a tremendous year, and we look forward to even more success in 2006 as sales are projected to continue to increase.
Partners & Reseller Affiliates
In an effort to build brand recognition and to increase awareness of the iBoot amongst consumers, Dataprobe has chosen to align themselves with several high profile resellers throughout the country. They have established and maintained a profitable and trusted reseller program for their product line. Today, these resellers, such as Alliance Systems, Falcon technologies, KVM Switches Online, JB Connexions, Manifest Electronics, Nihon Dynetcom and Open Access Systems help drive Dataprobe’s product sales and help contribute to the success of the company. Dataprobe continues to grow their OEM outreach and to partner with reputable vendors in order to increase their sales and product awareness.


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