Extensive is the best word to use in describing the scope of practice of a registered nurse. Their duties and responsibilities may actually vary from one state to another and may also depend on the institution where they are working in. Different states have different laws and regulations on what suitable scope for these professionals will be as registered nurses. Ultimately, is important for a nurse to be informed of what is well within their role.

The role of a registered nurse involves creating and preparing a plan on meeting the needs which have been identified for the individual under care, while coordinating this with doctors and other professionals in the field of healthcare who are taking care of the patient.

There are a number of guidelines for registered nurses to remind them about the scope of their work. These determine or identify their job coverage. On top of the list is to check whether the act is prohibited specifically by the state nursing act where he or she is practicing. Number two is whether the skill was covered and was part of one’s education which he or she has completed. Third is if the procedure is stated in the manual of policies of the institution where he or she is an employee. Lastly is should the act go by cautious and sensible nursing standards set. Should they have doubts or concerns around the guidelines, then they may seek validation from the nursing board in the state to ensure and check whether such duties fall within their scope.

It is important to emphasize the importance of consultation and verification of things which are covered within the policy. What this means is check both state and institution policies. This ensures that as a nurse, you are well guided around what is appropriate and expected for you to do.

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