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    Thumbs up Why not start a commercial cleaning business?

    In the field of cleaning business two groups of the principal market is considered to be the consumer and commercial arena. Though this two groups is only in the region of one field, these two still has differences in between them.

    Consumer arena is a group in the field of this business that is also known as the arena that deals with the residential property of consumers. Mainly residential property refers to the personal things, places, or areas of costumers and an example of which are the carpets and windows that are not used for any profitable activity. In this group, a person is not required to have a frequent time with his work unlike with the market of commercial arena.

    Commercial arena, on the other hand, provides a range of services. It would be going along with other companies that are focused on rendering cleaning services like window and carpet cleaning but those that target on business enterprises not with the individual consumers anymore. This arena produces more profit than that of costumers’ because of more time allotted for rendering the service.

    Commercial cleaning service allows you to have a profit that could reach for about $720 with just four hours of work. And you can get that from about five to six services rendered and that is for only half a day. What an excellent way of generating an income right?

    So if you already settled your mind in stepping into the business of cleaning why not start a commercial cleaning business? Things would not be so loose, yet it is worth it.

    For more information: How to start a commercial cleaning business

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    Hello Friends........

    Tips to start a commercial cleaning business are

    1.Come up with a name for your cleaning business. If you plan to have it on the web you may want to make sure if it's available before coming up with a name to set in stone.It should be popular brand

    2.Next go to the bank. You can start-up a business checking account for your new company. You will need to bring your DBA with you to start the account.

    3.Check into business insurance. It may not be very expensive and may be worth it. You never know if you have an issue while working. What if you bleach something by accident and it turns colors or you ruin a surface on accident. You will want to make sure that doesn't happen, but just in case it's better to be safe than sorry. Check into business insurance.

    4.Write up your contracts that you will use for a transaction between your company, and your prospects. Some people that "clean houses" for a living don't have a contract in place, but it can really cover yourself if you do. Most people will not have a problem signing a contract, it just makes you a lot more professional looking.


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