This will be the longest and most hard-hitting prospecting email I have ever sent. Please read it right through to the end.

Right Ė listen to me (please!):

1. Are you looking to make money Ė and make it quickly?
2. Have you any painful parts of the body?
3. Would you like you help children ($9.00 of each joining fee goes straight to disadvantaged children)?
4. Can you see the fantastic advantage there is in being at the very beginning of a company which is about to spread its wings worldwide?
5. Do you see the advantage in having an upline and a group of people who really want you to succeed and will help you all the way?
6. Do you like the feel-good factor of working with a CEO who has experience, humanity, and a desire to help those people who are prepared to put their trust in him rather than one who is out for all he can get?
7. Have you got an average of at least an hour a day to work at your internet program?

If you answered Yes to even one of the above, you should consider REFERlife very seriously.

Why should you join REFERlife?

REFERlife is just about to go global, and positions are being taken at the very top. This could include you if you act swiftly enough!

Itís within the financial means of most people ($39.95/£26) per month.
The joining cost, including a brilliant naturopathic product pain-reducing band, formulated by nano technology delivered to your door, is only $89.95. This includes the first yearís $50 annual subscription and the first monthís recurring $39.95. Wearers of the bracelet are already giving their testimonials on its efficacy, and even if you are completely pain-free, what a wonderful gift to someone who isnít! I hope it helps my back ache and left knee!

You will be placed straight into a 5x7 force-filled matrix which means everyone in the group will be helping you to a residual income. There will be substantial income potential from multiple income streams. The goal is to have 25,000 members by Christmas. That would be a minimum of $100,000 per month for children, increasing monthly! As soon as this goal is reached, a spot has been booked on the Oprah show.

Action to take NOW! The available spots at the top of the matrix won't be around for much longer! Timing is all important if you want to have a readymade business! Spillover is highly likely, so the sooner you get in, the higher you'll be in the matrix.

Now, let me be upfront and ask a couple more challenging questions:

1. Can you find $89.95 (once) and a recurring $39.95 for perhaps a few months to get you started? Your commissions will be paid into AlertPay, so many of the early birds will soon have their $39.95 covered each month. Ensure you have it there so that you donít lose your position in the future, as this is going to be BIG! If you havenít got an AlertPay account, you can get one here: If you think these costs excessive, what other business could you start with such low costs? Soon, you should have no costs, just profit.
2. Are you prepared to work and find five people (not all at once or immediately) and help them to find five?
3. Are you prepared to learn?
4. Are you prepared to listen to training calls?
5. Are you prepared to help others who join REFERlife as a result of your asking them (you will probably know what will happen if you just enrol people and then abandon them to their own devices)?

Letís be honest. If you have a Ďrealí job, it takes hours of your day; you may have to travel; you may not like your boss; you may have to study hard for any advancement; you may have years to work before retirement. And even if you donít have these disadvantages of a paid job, you may not even have one at all! Or you may have a good job, one which you enjoy and which brings in a good income. But, Iím sure, even with almost ideal conditions, youíd like more money for vacations, for your retirement fund, for your children and for a myriad of other expenses, and could work this part-time.

With REFERlife and a little effort, your dreams, whatever these may be, could be realised. You could be free of the niggling pain in your back. You could have a satisfying job you really enjoy, while spending fewer hours than in a Ďproperí job. You could have a warm glow because you know you are helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

What you canít assume, however, is that everything will be done for you. So many people join programs and assume that the money will roll in once they have paid their initial fee. Let me tell you, that is a myth!

OK, youíve had a hard-hitting and honest appraisal of what you can expect and how much work you will have to put in yourself. Please donít make the mistake of thinking you like the idea and will join then wait and see. Iíve spent too many years Ďbabyingí others who were too lazy to do any work Ė neither party could expect to make any money at all this way.

I apologise if I sound harsh. Iím not at all, just realistic. But Iíll give you every support. I was (and still am) a teacher, though at 70 I no longer teach in the classroom. Iíve had years of experience and am bursting with tips Iím prepared to pass on to those who want to learn. And my excellent upline and the company too will have lots of ways to help you to promote the idea to others and to succeed.

Are you up for it?

If so, go to and start looking around the whole site. Donít just join on a whim. See if you agree with the aspirations and expectations of REFERlife Ė and then join. This company is set to be huge!

Please get back to me with any questions.

I look forward to meeting you!