Our Education Center’s overseas Business

Our international language communication platform

——High- quality educationenables you to learn Chinese easily

And Exchange visits make you and me much closer

With excellent faculty, first-class education model, flexible and diverse teaching methods, and refined learning environment. Our Education Center has been attracting students from around the world. We provide different lengths of courses according to the characteristics and basics of every participant, the most suitable cultural programs, and traditional Chinese culture training projects and activities, all of which are active and lively .Our aim is to help you rapidlymaster the Chinese language and understand Chinese culture in a limited period of time. And our center has built long-term cooperation with more than 10 countries including the United States, France and Japan. Every year, we organize regular visits for Chinese students to study abroad. We can recommend excellent foreign educational institutions for our large number of talented students, developing resources for the students and improving their quality.

Overseas exchange programs

——providing a communicative platform on which culture knows no border

Every year, Our Education Center organizes various cultural and artistic exchange activities, conducting overseas exchange programs, holiday visits and performances for students visiting at home and abroad. We have organized teacher groups, ethnic minority groups, academic groups, arts groups, music and dance groups all showing their national characteristics and character, paintings, sculpture, music, dance, drama, film and other cultural arts. We provides a platform on which culture knows no borders.

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