Any kind of business, like cleaning service will need you to shell out a good amount of money to keep it running. However there is a cleaning business start up that will not require you with such a big capital. Coupled with diligence, patience, and hard work, your small money can make your cleaning business grow when you consider some fundamental matters.

• To run your cleaning service, you need to invest in cleaning equipments. You may take time to do some research on where you can buy quality materials for less money. Customers expect you to have your own tools so better get the best one. Basically, you will need a high-grade window cleaner, soft scrub cleanser, industrial-grade bath cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner, furniture polish, wood floor cleaner, a cleaning carrier and a bag of cleaning, a step tool or ladder and you’re on the way to your prospect clients.

• The fees and prices that you will charge will depend on several factors that you need to consider. One is the geographical location. You may give a higher charge than your usual rate on areas with high income. To price a cleaning service, it should be based not on hour but on the perfect job accomplished. Just don’t give prices that are too low so you won’t find it hard to raise prices later when your business is established.

• Of course, your cleaning business start up won’t work well if you don’t advertise it. This is the fastest way to let the public know that you are offering this kind of service. You can ask the help of your family and friends while you advertise it on local newspapers.

• And keep in mind to do your very best when serving your customer. Not only they will hire you for another cleaning job, but they will also bring you more referrals.

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