Buying a pool table is not cheap; this is why it is important to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your pool table to make sure that you do not go through costly repairs in order to enjoy this purchase for a very long time. Having your pool table in pristine condition ensures years of having your friends come over and catch up over a couple of games. You do not need the services of a professional just so you can maintain your pool table. The best way to keep your table in mint condition is to do a bit of cleaning yourself. This avoids the need to change the green felt too often. Whether you use your pool table often or rarely, it deteriorates and this might mean less than perfect playing conditions in the next game! * The table cloth needs to be brushed down regularly so that you remove dirt, dust, and chalk that inevitable finds their way to the most minuscule of spaces. The better alternative would be to get a vacuum cleaner, gear it to the lowest setting and vacuum your felt. * In wiping the other parts of your pool table and the balls, used surgical huck towels can be your best allies. These huck towels, which are becoming increasingly popular in the cleaning industry as well as most households, are lint-free, non-abrasive, and made of 100% cotton materials. They are gently used from surgical and dental procedures and are widely available at affordable prices. * Wipe the balls with used surgical huck towels after every game and once in a while if you do not use them often. Look out for breaks and scratches on the balls as you wipe them so you know which ones need replacement. Keep the balls on a rack that is free of dirt and debris as well; dirt that gets stuck to the playing balls may scratch or cut the felt too. * The pockets of your pool table can be wiped efficiently with used surgical huck towels. Dampen one huck towel and clean the inside and the outside of the pockets. Try not to miss spots. * The railings of your pool table needs a good wipe down too; make sure that you push the dust and debris onto the floor and not to the table. Cover the table before you sweep or vacuum so that the dust does not fly to the table again. * The lights over your pool table need regular cleaning as well. Inevitable, in all the activities happening around the pool games, someone will accidentally hit the light fixture with a stick and although he may not break the bulb, the dust from it may fall onto the green felt. * Keep a stock of used surgical huck towels near your gaming area to have them handy whenever you play. You do not have to run to your storage to blot accidental spills or to clean the balls if ever they fly to the floor. * If you are feeling a bit obsessive, you can even polish the side railings of the pool table and all the wooden parts. This makes your pool table retain its finished and new look even if you have had the table for years. * Making sure that you play appropriately also helps in maintaining the materials of your pool table. For instance, try not to dig in to the felt when you are making all those experimental shots with your cue stick. This may sound too strict but the truth is, digging the end of the stick to heavily into the felt can cause tears and rips. Once your clothe rips, you will have to replace the whole thing, and that is going to be pricey. * Finally, cover up your pool table every time it is not in use; table covers protect the table from dust, damage and spills. * Also, discourage people from setting heavy things atop your pool table so that you can avoid dents from forming on the felt. Also, sitting down on the sides of the table is not advisable as it may affect the balance. Fore more info: surgical huck towel