The printer is one of the most useful tools in the office workplace or even in homes where the help of a computer is significantly sought. This innovation helps people input their work in the computer and see their output in hard copy.

Kimtech Kimwipes 34133 printer drum wipes are very useful cleaning material for printer drums. The Kimwipes 34133 are very economical and extractable in performance. They can easily pick up oil, dust, and other liquids deposited on the printer drum.

Kimtech Kimwipes 34133 are also very handy as they are packed in handy dispensing packs and guarded from airborne lint and contaminants because the packaging has special plastic guard.

Here are some cleaning tips the next time you plan to clean your printer:

* Open up the cover of your printer and inspect the parts inside the machine that needs to be cleaned.

* A Kimwipes 34133 can be of use when you see that there are ink spills inside your printer especially when you are using ink jet printer.

* If your printer uses toner, using a vacuum or simply blowing the spills out can do the trick. But beware of color toners because they can be harmful to you. In this case, use only a vacuum with a micro-toner filter to prevent the tonerís dusty particles to get into your nose.

* Use a Kimwipes 34133 printer drum wipe to clean your printerís drum. It is shinier and larger than the rollers so you should be able to figure out immediately where it is located. Avoid touching the printer's drum to prevent scratches on it which may turn up as impressions on the paper every time you make a printout. Tampering your printerís drum may affect the quality of your prints and you will be forced t replace it with a new one which can be expensive. Always use Kimwipes 34133 from Kimberly Clark when cleaning your printerís drum.

* Be sure to clean and reach to the rollers where the paper passes through. Clean all your printer's rollers but watch out because they may still be hot from previous use.

* Rollers of printers are commonly made of rubber or a hard plastic. These rollers can be cleaned using simple cleaning solutions such as alcohol and water. Do not use harsh cleaners unless there is astringent dirt deposited in your printerís rollers. Be careful though in using these types of cleaners because they can damage rollers made of plastic and some other parts.

* Cleaning a roller is simple and easy. Just wet a piece of Kimwipes 34133 and wipe across the roller then wipe again after you have rotated it. If your Kimwipes 34133 is already blackened with ink stains, use the clean area or use another one to finish the job. You can do this until you are satisfied with the result.

* After making sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the inside of your printer, close the printer cover and start cleaning the outside of your equipment. Start by wiping off dirt like dust and blotches on the buttons, knobs, and ports. Clean also the case using a clean damp cloth. You may use alcohol for stubborn stains caused by spills from the printerís ink.

* Smaller parts of the printer which can be seen when the printer is opened up by a trained professional or technician may also be cleaned. Just do not do it yourself if you do have the slightest idea on how to do it. Have it done by a computer technician who has a better experience in cleaning the inside, where screws will be needed, of your printer.

Follow these techniques on how you can clean your printer and all you have to do is just maintain a job well done.

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