To people who have a blurred or impaired vision, their eyeglass is perhaps their most important possession as it can bring back their clear vision even if that means temporarily.

Wearing your eyeglass often particularly outdoors can make it accumulate dirt easily. Dirt on the lens of your eyeglass as you may already know causes your vision to be obstructed. Dust and oil are the most common contaminants that may get onto your lenses. If you frequently remove your eyeglass, your fingerprints may also leave a mark on the lenses. This can result in a distorted vision.

Regularly cleaning your eyeglass can give you a clearer and fresher look of the world. Is it is important that you maintain the cleanliness of your eyeglass; it is like maintaining a clear vision free of obstructions. If your eyeglass is not regularly or properly cleaned, it can only give you eyestrain.

Use Kimtech Kimwipes 34155 to clean your eye glasess. Kimwipes are special lens wipes which you can find in grocery and retail stores. The Kimwipes 34155 eyeglass cloths are made of 100 percent virgin wood fiber so that it will not scratch the delicate lens of your eyeglass. Kimwipes 34155 are also super absorbent so you do not have to exert too much pressure when wiping off oil or dust from your lenses.

There are simple techniques on how you can clean your eyeglasses:

* Washing it with warm water is one way of effective cleaning. Before doing this, use Kimwipes 34155 to remove the dirt or stains deposited on the lenses. Then use a mild soap or detergent to wash the eyeglass as a whole. After doing so, rinse the eyeglass with warm water again. To have it dry, use Kimwipes 34155 to wipe the water dry. Make sure that the eyeglass is wiped dry thoroughly with Kimwipes 34155 without leaving any hint of moisture on the frames and lens. Thoroughly drying your eyeglass after washing can make your eyeglass durable.

* Small or baby brushes can be used to clean the nose pad of your eyeglass. Just be careful in using this because it might scratch the lenses of your eyeglass. Ask first your optometrist before using any cleaning solution on your eyeglass as it can damage special coatings. Better yet, always use Kimwipes 34155!

* When removing your eyeglass, use both your hands so as not to bend your eyeglass frame.

* Always keep your eyeglass in a hard case and with the lenses facing upward. In this way, your eyeglass is protected. You may also consider bringing with you Kimwipes 34155 eyeglass cloths so that you can clean your eyeglass anytime, anywhere.

* By keeping Kimwipes 34155 eyeglass cloths in your bag and bringing it anywhere you go, you are sure to have a spotless eyeglass with just a quick wipe and you can maintain a clear, almost perfect vision!

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