Reducing dusts and allergies are one of the serious tasks that any office or home cleaning business must be aware of. Seasonal allergies and airborne irritants are mostly the problems that create an unhealthy environment for residential owners and office employees alike. Since these dusts cannot be simply cleaned only through sweeping and dusting, itís time to let office or home cleaning services to come in.

This is where owners of office or home cleaning get their earnings: through getting rid of these dusts and irritants. Take note that clients are relying on you to get rid of those unnecessary dusts that will hamper their health, so itís a must that you perform a good, quality work to ensure your clientís safety.

Clients donít have any idea that one effective strategy to control any amount of dust in the air is prevention. You might want to suggest your clients to use walk off mats. This allows people to grim and walks off any dusts before entering the place. Most walk off mats is available in janitorial supply stores, wholesale clubs, and home dťcor stores. And as a cleaner, you may vacuum or shake out the rug to clean off any dirt.

Another preventive measure that clients overlook is the cleaning of HVAC filters. Once the air filters cannot absorb all the unwanted dusts, they start to circulate within the area, and this creates more problems for those who come into the area. When you clean a filter, remove it from the system and inspect it for any damages. Remove excess dusts using a damp cloth. Suggest this to your client that they should clean filters for at least a month; or change them every six months to a year.

Aside from these preventive measures, as an office or residential cleaning service owner, you may do the regular cleaning program such as dusting of the space to naturally keep airborne irritants and dusts low. Also, to prevent yourself from getting these allergies and inhale it, use a mask to protect your health, and your business as well. You may use feather dusting Ė a simplest method where you have to clean hard to reach places; or a slightly damp microfiber towel for dusting, which absorbs dirt and reduces the amount of dust into the air.

Wipe all surfaces: from the ceiling fans to the light fixtures. Be sure that you wonít knock out any objects. Donít forget to clean also wall art, furniture, and other items around the room.

When dusting is done, do vacuuming. Make a pattern when doing this task. Start from the furthest corner and smaller corners. Be sure that you donít miss any part of the room as you leave it.

Once cleaning is done, you can now relax and be thankful that another efficient job is done.

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